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The style of communication used here where both/all participants constantly cut each other off is stressful to listen to.

I wonder how many places there are named Enby in Scandinavia.


Enchiladas? Yeah of couse I know about it. Sixth-largest moon of Saturn.

Nonsense, caps 



Are alveolar Rs the most powerful starter Rs? The other Rs (well, the ones I know of anyway) were easy enough to learn.

Why is it mánudagur and not tungldagur?

Cursing the constant air traffic while thinking yeah, I'd rather not be here either.

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Germany make your cities suitable for humans so that germans don't have to fly somewhere else when they want to be in a nice place challenge

Subsurface ocean of G Fuel detected on Enceladus

Kråkorna kraxar ovanligt mycket. Det måste tyda på att @crowlad är på väg hit.

Try reading German words as if they're Icelandic. It sounds pretty funny. Always stress the first syllable, turn every "au" into [œiː], roll/tap the R:s, make R and L voiceless at the end of words, etc.

Someone: All men are bad, all masculinity is bad!

Me: Sorry, I couldn't hear you over how wonderful my boyfriend is.

(I haven't actually come across those hell-threads or made this reply to anyone, just typing out a thought.)

Some foreign placenames accidentally (?) make sense in Icelandic.

DE: Hamburg, "from the name of a fortress in the area, Hammaburg, first element of uncertain origin"

IS: Hamborg, harbour city/fortress.

eBay punkt de :blobcatthinking: 

This Package Including:
• Hot shoe cover
• Body Cap
• Owenr's manual

Jedermannsrecht für alle, außer für Deutsche

Thinking about freedom to roam and how it was considered so basic that in places where it's ancient it wasn't even put into law until modern times. Being in a place that doesn't grant that freedom feels really weird. A concession to capital that takes away what feels like a kind of ur-right to me.

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