Hyper Neo Geo 64 games look like ass. But also cool.
Cool ass.

Caprica, mild spoiler about the setting 

It would not be surprising if only people with enough money get university access in this sci-fi world.

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Caprica, mild spoiler about the setting 

We're watching Caprica and I'm finding it funny and a bit distracting how this planet that's definitely not earth or a country on it shares so many characteristics with the show's earthen country of origin.

Words for cars 

Of course I like bifreið better than bíll.

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Words for cars 

If German got "Auto," and the nordic languages got "bil," who got "mo?"

(IS: bíll, SV/NO/DA?: bil)

suckl€ss, pol, far right 

@anelki They send out emails from a server named Wolfsschanze. Not even subtle. 🙄

strong opinion 

@jk The worst thing about their payment model IMO is that even if you have 100 fans who only play your songs, you still get nothing, because all the money goes into the same bucket, and is then distributed according to number of streams. So the biggest artists get approximately everything.

Disclaimer: I used to work there and that's how it was back then; I haven't used it since and thngs may have changed.

@Stoori I figured since ö is apparently just like o (noöne, coöperate, etc) I can put it anywhere just to be even more ridiculous. :blobcatevil:

@a_breakin_glass Ancient Greek has dual forms too, so if you want to be true to that, it would be (AFAICT) two anaphora (same) and three (or more) anaphorai :D

@a_breakin_glass All english loanwords have two plural forms on Wiktionary: one approximation of the plural of the originating language, and one -s.

Imagining "discourse" posts as Wikipedia articles.
[Citation needed]
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Talk like a pirate day?
Where's my Old Norse dictionary...

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