TIL that you can say "for at" in English, just like Swedes say it: 'för att," so now I want to use it all the time. I read it's considered "archaic or dialectal," but I don't reck.

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@alva ”archaic or dialectal” why not both tho!

@alva How would you use it in a sentence/what does it mean?

@Anke "click here for to unsubscribe from this newsletter" / "klicka här för att avbeställa detta nyhetsbrev"

@alva ah, yeah, "fot to" I have come across before.

@Anke Heck, didn't notice that I used both for to and for at :D

@thufie I had to post a correction because I swenglished it up. It's "for to," like in "swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home," which is where I saw it. I had heard it as "coming forth" or something. :)

@alva oh, I think I may have said that as a kid and been corrected lol. finally vindicated!

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