There's 20 different brands of ketchup to choose from and the cis act like a third gender option is excessive and going too far.

@alva This cis supports your choices and also your struggle with the societal strictures that don't recognize the things you can't actually choose

Also ketchup is tomato paste, vinegar, sugar, and the rest is branding.

Still think your thing is more important and it's not just about ketchup.

@dlek Yeah. It's more like being forced to put ketchup on your food every day, and there's exactly two options available. If you say that you don't like sweet tomato paste and would rather use another condiment or none at all, people say that you are defying nature, as if ketchup wasn't invented by humans. Logical people online who haven't read any ketchup research from the past 20 years tell you that you actually don't even have two choices; the ketchup is in your chromosomes.

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