German should adopt ş so I don't have to write S C H just to get a [ʃ].

@alva use x as in Portuguese just cause it would look funny. Xauspieler. Xmidt. Empirixe.

@elilla @alva Requires first replacing the x we use now. Probably with ks. I'm pretty sure x is way more rare than sch, so that would reduce number of letters used in total, still.

@elilla @alva Especially given earlier conversations I saw today that basically boil down to "the more x's something has, the more ~non-binary~ it is"! Xmidt looks like a great name.

@alva The first problem would be that there's no key for that on German computer keyboards.

@Anke even alt-s or something like that would be fewer keypresses though :)

@alva Funny character that, we should call it 50 cent, because it looks like half a dollar sign. $ ş

@JohanEmpa Check out the Elfdalian language, spoken in Sweden. It's full of little tails. But only on vowels I think, to represent nasal variants of them. :)

@alva 👀
Never seen that before. Listened to it and the dialect/language is very difficult. Sounds old.

@JohanEmpa it's pretty interesting IMO. It retains a number of features that are long since lost in Swedish, and some that are even lost in Icelandic, which otherwise is pretty conservative and close to Old Norse.

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