Try reading German words as if they're Icelandic. It sounds pretty funny. Always stress the first syllable, turn every "au" into [œiː], roll/tap the R:s, make R and L voiceless at the end of words, etc.

@Anke I can record some words. Any requests? :blobcathappy:

@alva uh, can't think of anything. If you can't, neither... Maybe a bit of der Zauberlehrling?


@Anke Finally sat down at the laptop to record. It's harder than I thought to read a text wrong on purpose like that! Especially when it messes up the rhythm. But I tried. :)

@alva @Anke

Great attempt. I thought that it would be super difficult.

Perhaps someone that have zero knowledge of German find it easier.

@alva To me, that sounds a bit like medieval German. @anke

@alva Not that I know anything about it 😉 . But I like how your example sounds. @anke

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