Try reading German words as if they're Icelandic. It sounds pretty funny. Always stress the first syllable, turn every "au" into [œiː], roll/tap the R:s, make R and L voiceless at the end of words, etc.

@Anke I can record some words. Any requests? :blobcathappy:

@alva uh, can't think of anything. If you can't, neither... Maybe a bit of der Zauberlehrling?

@Anke Finally sat down at the laptop to record. It's harder than I thought to read a text wrong on purpose like that! Especially when it messes up the rhythm. But I tried. :)

@alva @Anke

Great attempt. I thought that it would be super difficult.

Perhaps someone that have zero knowledge of German find it easier.

@alva To me, that sounds a bit like medieval German. @anke

@alva Not that I know anything about it 😉 . But I like how your example sounds. @anke

@alva @Anke Die Wikinger lernern unsere Sprache. Aber warum? Es ist außerordentlich beängstigend. Sie zeigen einen Apfel. Was hat das zu bedeuten? Kommen sie diesmal als Freunde oder Eroberer. Ich schlafe von jetz an mit einem offenen Auge. Stell dich wikinger vor, die unsere Bücher lesen können. Sie werden unsere Tricks lernen. (1/2)

@alva @Anke
Wir sollten ihnen mit Schwert und Panzer begegnen.

Nein, wartet. Sie wollen das Apfelwein Rezept lesen. Wie dumm von mir, etwas Schlimmeres anzunehmen.

Gutes Wetter, Apfelwein und Strudel, das wollen sie natürlich. Urlaub.


@alva I will never not use alveolar Rs, they're simply the best Rs (u.u)

@funnypanja @alva if you can produce the American-style tapped 't' in (American) English words like 'petal' or 'water', that's already the same as a single-tap alveolar 'r', and then you just have to find out the knack to do multiples :)

@elilla @funnypanja @alva oooh. That is the most (and only) helpful advice I've ever seen on that topic. Lots of "sag abwechselnd t und d". But this one, I think I,,, I did it 🐾

@elilla @alva I knowwwwwww.... Butttttt (see gif)

I think I fucked my self over by learning the Japanese (short Spanish) r first.... Also by the fact that none of my Spanish or Russian teachers ever bothered to tell me I was doing it wrong.... Until my Swedish (now ex) boyfriend told me....

I'm always rolling it in the back of my mouth... LOL.... Apparently some Dutch ppl do it like that but other than that.... I'm not sure that counts for anything... rip

@funnypanja @alva if you can do the Japanese tongue-tip /ɾ/ you're halfway there already. the next step is to experiment with air pressure (it takes considerable air) and tongue tension to get the multiple taps bouncing. it could help to listen to stereotypical yakuza from movies, they do it exaggeratedly and clear. recording your voice and listening is a good way to ensure that your brain is not tricking you with phonemes.

@elilla @alva yeah... Thank you but I've read and heard all of that before.... Sigh....

@funnypanja @elilla I wish I could do ʁ without it feeling all wrong :-Þ

@alva @Anke

Here's the silly viking text in German, spoken as if the words are Swedish. (By a bot)

It was way to difficult to do this manually. :-D

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