Thing I didn't notice before,

IS: húsbóndi
EN: husband

Husband means house-farmer :blobcatgiggle:

"it replaced Old English wer"

Husbandwolf doesn't have quite the same ring to it

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@alva The English word comes from the Old Norse one, yep.

@error_1202 @alva I started wondering what the roots of the words were, and looked it up: Norse húsbóndi -> hús (“house”) + present participle of búa (roughly “dwell”, and yes, the same word alone translates to English “farmer” (but the meaning there points to “owns the land where lives”, not “cultivates the soil”))

So literally “Guy living in house”. Thanks for making me look it up, it's fun. I always end looking it up when I see takes like that, since there can be really weird stuff to find.

@error_1202 @alva This made wonder about the root accompanying word for “wife“ in e.g. Norwegian, “hustru”. Same as before with the house, as for “tru”, it's “tru" → “fru” → “frú” which originally meant mistress, as in female ruler (Same root as Frøya too). So you have the guy living in the house and the queen of the house. 😉

@Steinar @error_1202 I wonder why it became bóndi instead of búandi in ON/IS. And bonde instead of boende in Swedish (and Norwegian?)

@alva @error_1202 Really out of my depth here, but I would suspect it's as simple as búandi/boende is a lot more cumbersome to say than bóndi/bonde”, so the sounds were simply contracted. Especially since it's such a common word. Also, it had (and has) the bonus of differentiating when you were talking about a farmer vs somebody living somewhere. The Norwegian dialects which kept “bu” as root form of the verb instead moving to “bo”, also say “bonde”, which seems very natural when looking at IS.

@alva @error_1202 ... “bu” as root form of the verb instead [of] moving to “bo”...

@alva yeah, people think the "were-" in "werewolf" sounds like this creepy arcane thing because we don't use the word outside of that context. But it's the normal (well, one of about three normal) Old English word for "man." Werewolf just means man-wolf.

@error_1202 @alva I guess weregild isn't exactly common parlance. Warlock?

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