"More smartphones than humans by 2021"

Maybe that's enough of them. We could stop with the planned obsolescence, and make better software for the devices that exist already.


Enthusiasts: Look, I ported Crysis to the Amiga 500.

Squillion dollar corporations: Lag-free typing is simply not possible on a device older than 3 years.

@alva i think the Amiga 500's hardware is better documented than that of most phones :(

@alva @guenther you are right, older hardware _is_ better documented then all modern phones of today. (or at least for the public, manufacturers have all the info they require) us consumers are stuck with proprietary components (displays/cameras/**batteries**/etc.) that cannot be up/recycled unless excessive reverse engineering is done for their specific ribbon cables, and even then all our efforts are useless because they change everything for the next model they produce anyway.

@alva How do you get lag-free typing on a device newer than 3 years?

@loke On smartphones? No idea.
On my laptop, running Alpine + Sway seems to do the trick.

@alva Yeah, that's what I thought. These so-called smart devices have thousands of times more power than the computers I used in the 80's, yet they feel a lot slower.

@loke @alva filled with processing decades of buildup of useless crap that's only designed to exploit the user for money

the problem, of course, is kippletalism

@carcinopithecus @loke @alva You need a gaming PC to compete with the keyboard latency of an Apple II, so this is actually literally true: danluu.com/input-lag/

@Steinar @carcinopithecus @alva Ah yes, I recall seeing that article before. Not even the most powerful gaming PC can give you anything near the latency of an old 8-bit machine with a CRT monitor.

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