"More smartphones than humans by 2021"

Maybe that's enough of them. We could stop with the planned obsolescence, and make better software for the devices that exist already.

My phone is 4 years old, and despite ridiculous specs, basic tasks like typing are laggy. There's just no reason for it to be like that. It will be abandoned by the manufacturer soon, and I'm then supposed to buy a new one. Nei takk.

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I wonder what it's like to work at a manufacturer of such devices and how one would avoid getting overwhelmed with guilt for filling the planet with disposable electronics on purpose.

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Enthusiasts: Look, I ported Crysis to the Amiga 500.

Squillion dollar corporations: Lag-free typing is simply not possible on a device older than 3 years.

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*Business voice*
How can we avoid market saturation?

*Even businesser voice*
What if the products self-destruct?

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@alva it's hilarious that we have such powerful devices and yet despite their actual specs having seemingly middling changes throughout the years, the OS always seems to break at a version where performance is _just_ shitty enough to necessitate buying a new device. that, and the active slowing of dying devices by certain manufacturers obscuring the actual cause of the issue

@CalmByte I wish it were as easy to rejuvenate a smartphone as a laptop, by installing some lighter-weight free software on it. Maybe pmOS some day.

@alva pmOS combined with some solid jailbreaks on certain devices would make life infinitely more livable on these older devices, and would honestly not even have to be an experience downgrade with enough effort put into the UX of the thing. I can't wait until that reality is more apparent

@alva Are you running a custom ROM on it? I've found that my Nexus 9 went from "unusable" to "basically like new" going from stock to Cyanogen (back then)

@spacekookie it's a non-jailbroken iOS phone that I got at my last job

@alva @spacekookie well that explains a lot. 🙄 My 6 years old LineageOS phone is still running smooth.

@spacekookie @alva is it still "basically like new" or did the update kipple pile up again?

@carcinopithecus @alva well....i haven't used it in about a year because I disassembled it to x-ray the pcbs (don't ask) and I haven't put it back together yet 😅😬

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@alva i think the answer is "think of the world as being simple and unfettered by waste - write new and shiny things and don't think about users keeping their devices for more than one year"

at the worker-level at least, the incentive is to keep pumping out shinies, not give a fuck about the end-user beyond meagre contrivances (IMO)

@alva the more I've learned about these devices, the more I've wondered about this too.

I understand nothing lasts forever, but the lifespan of some components -- LiPo batteries, OLED displays -- just seems shockingly short these days, and at least with LiPo batteries, their reliability also seems awful. (At work, we had several dozen tablets interfaced to prototype hardware; over the past year, nearly all of the tablets' batteries exhibited swelling.)

@alva i think the Amiga 500's hardware is better documented than that of most phones :(

@alva @guenther you are right, older hardware _is_ better documented then all modern phones of today. (or at least for the public, manufacturers have all the info they require) us consumers are stuck with proprietary components (displays/cameras/**batteries**/etc.) that cannot be up/recycled unless excessive reverse engineering is done for their specific ribbon cables, and even then all our efforts are useless because they change everything for the next model they produce anyway.

@alva How do you get lag-free typing on a device newer than 3 years?

@loke On smartphones? No idea.
On my laptop, running Alpine + Sway seems to do the trick.

@alva Yeah, that's what I thought. These so-called smart devices have thousands of times more power than the computers I used in the 80's, yet they feel a lot slower.

@loke @alva filled with processing decades of buildup of useless crap that's only designed to exploit the user for money

the problem, of course, is kippletalism

@carcinopithecus @loke @alva You need a gaming PC to compete with the keyboard latency of an Apple II, so this is actually literally true:

@Steinar @carcinopithecus @alva Ah yes, I recall seeing that article before. Not even the most powerful gaming PC can give you anything near the latency of an old 8-bit machine with a CRT monitor.

@alva I mean, this is true for so many things - cars are another great example, where there isn't even really demand to justify the amount of cars that are produced

@T045T Yeah, cars can heck off too. Just whined about this particular category of products as it was about to reach a ridiculous milestone.

@alva for sure - I do hope things like Fairphone (going forward) and postmarketOS (to make existing devices useful again) continue picking up scheme. Fingers crossed!

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@alva Of course there will be more smartphones than humans once most people are dead

Well, we still have the chance to keep up.
Make love, not phones!

Lets hope @postmarketOS increases the lifetime of some of these devices

@Shitlord Yeah. It won't work anyway because they're also made to be unrepairable. Heck the planet, maximise prophitz.

@alva you would think so, but here we are in the 21st century, still driving gasoline powered cars, and there are also more of them than people.

@alva There is no chance this would happen as long as their business model is based on programmed obscolescence, and with current cyberspace architecture that encourage all this.

We need to radicaly change of cyberspace architecture paradigm for a revolutionary one to fight programmed obsolescence for real.

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