When I write frihet (freedom in swedish,) my phone offers to replace it with the statue of liberty emoji. 🙄
Thanks for the propaganda.

Also I've been to that city, it's ugly, it smells like rancid trash, and people are treated badly.

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Sadly it's the kind of USian arrogance I've come to expect from this company.

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@alva it may be the kind of anecdote that only French people know, so at the risk of being redundant, the Statue of Liberty in NY is a larger-scale replica of an earlier statue found in Paris. The NY one was offered by France in celebration of generally annoying the British. Eiffel designed the internal structure.

@spun_off I've read that story at some point. But Apple being a US company, and their emoji having a US flavour to them, I assumed it's the US statue. Their bridge emoji is the golden gate bridge, as another example.

@spun_off @alva
I thought I heard somewhere that both statues are supposed to be images of Libertas, who is neither a French nor USian goddess.

Maybe the replacement suggestion is meant to be her rather than the statue of her? Or you could choose to see it that way.

(I do see U+1F5FD is explicitly listed as the statue, but we don't have to acknowledge that).

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