Capitalists: But nobody would do anything without money as motivation!
Also capitalists: A raise? You should be happy just to be here, and getting to work with what you love!

@alva "video games wouldn't exist without capitalism" is one that really gets me, because not only are lots of people making them for free, but those employed in the industry have to basically give up their lives woking 1000 hour work weeks only to get laid off the moment the game ships


@Yza Yeah. And when Nintendo decided to delay Animal Crossing, instead of forcing everyone to work such hellweeks, their stock value dropped by a billion dollars. I don't think I've ever seen such a clear example of how treating people decently is punished by this system.

@alva I have a lot of issues with nintendo, but i'm so happy they delayed animal crossing to ensure they didn't overwork people. I say this as someone who adores animal crossing

It's preloaded on my switch, taunting me. I just want my cozy animal town

@alva but the waiting won't last and I'll know at least some care was made for the people who made it over pure lust for money

@Yza Yes. :)
I have it preordered. It feels good to know that it was created under humane conditions, or at least more so than what is often the case.

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