I miss meeting many cats when I go outside. Here I only meet cars. Why do urban planning that favours cars, which are bad, over cats, which are good?

@alva Berlin should just fucking ban cars.

There have been a few streets where people living there have basically removed all the cars for a while and blocked it off.

But cops usually shut those movements down pretty quickly :(

@spacekookie Could at least do something like the Stockholm congestion charge. Seems to help, although not as good as banning and/or destroying all cars.

It always makes me happy to say hi to cats that live on my street. But there may be more cats here in absolute number because we have so many old buildings with mouse problems.

@alva i hear cats are an invasive species.

(from @cursesgalore, who won't let me install a cat ladder from our balcony, down to the neighbours' guinea-pigs)

@meena @alva @cursesgalore let's see...
- not endemic to the overwhelming majority of the world
- highly effective predators of a very wide range of species
- reproduce relatively quickly and in large numbers


@meena @diodelass @alva @cursesgalore although cats are generally speaking more cuddly and emit less CO2

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