Happen to have an old Macbook (not mine originally) laying around. Looked up the specs to see if I could use anything in it for something else. Oh, man... Apple. Always with the proprietary parts.

I suppose that I could do more with it if I actually had a more experience with disassembling electronics, soldering, the proper equipment, etc, but I do not.

I'm not naive, they're know what they're doing, but c'mon. Proprietary flash memory. Stuff like that should work with other computers with similar properties.

@xxvii I have one too but it's useless to me, since the keyboard and trackpad don't work under Linux.

@alva Macbrick Pro "15. Slogan: "Can't use it, barely modifiable,  it's sort of shiny though. Isn't it?"

Now with Thunderbolt hardware interfaces. Attaching legs to this coffee table  has never been so easy.

@xxvii I found this, maybe it can be useful after all: github.com/roadrunner2/macbook

Apple should pay them for fixing their stuff.

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