I wish banana peels were as effective against motorised vehicles IRL as they are in Mario Kart.

This city makes me want to kill all cars more than usual.

@alva in a (better) parallel universe, military vehicles can be effectively sabotaged by activists throwing banana peels at them.

@leora They spin out of control and fall off the edge of the road, into the void. There is no Lakitu to save them.

@alva we hear they're pretty vulnerable if you can gain access to the CANbus :fishthink:

@alva only ever been there for a few days at a time, and never cycled

i live in Dortmund, and… sometimes i wonder what the streets would feel like if there weren't a row of parked cars on either side at all times

@alva funny thing about growing up and learning cycling in Vienna:

any city where drivers don't actively try to murder me is an immense improvement!

@meena Yikes, Vienna is that bad?
The places I grew up in didn't have such heavy car traffic, and there were good bike lanes in most areas. Then I lived in the US for a while, and found out what it's like when everything is designed around cars. Then I was in Iceland for a while, which doesn't make many concessions to bicyclists, but manages to be OK anyway. And now here for a year or so.

@alva i've heard people from new york complain how awful the situation is in Vienna, so, i guess it's bad??!

@alva apparently banana peels were a polite stand-in for the much more common slipping on a horse turd. They wouldn't help much with cars easier but it would feel better pelting cars with turds.

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