I think Frederik the cat dislikes black metal. He becomes very unruly.

Biked to a different climbing place and climbed for most of the day. :]

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If Einstein was so great, why isn't there a Zweistein?

Humans are so peculiar about their fur. It can go here (depending on gender) but not there. It's just fur.

I'm sore in strange places after my first bouldering session.

Finally home again. Now we shall be food gays and lazy gays.

We took a long bike ride to a climbing place. This is the gay life that I want.

In one of my dreams I was a small cartoonish elephant who could make small cartoonish water fountains come out of its snout.

Apologies in advance for all the bad Swedish/German word puns.

Färdtjänst för pferdchens

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Ban tobacco smoking in public. Destroy all cars. Instate moss rule.

Found a good apartment with my Rust scraper. Maybe I should make the program apply for the apartments as well.

Went into a jeans store and said I wasn't sure where to look and they said you can see all the women's models on that hanger over there, and all the men's models over there. Is this "passing" as agender?

It's actually pronounced /ˈsupəːbəli/

I should have learned by now that there's no such thing as a quick Python script, because then it would be a shell script.

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