Added variable-length integer support to zig-bare.
Just a few more things needed.

Would be cool if Let's Encrypt offered S/MIME certs.

I think I miss bright summers more than I unmiss dark winters.

IDK what Solskogen is but it sounds cozy. I want to be in the sun forest.

Providing a date in several goofy timezones instead of just UTC is the "he/she" instead of "they" of dates.

(°dH = Grad deutscher Härte; Rammstein's music was called Neue Deutsche Härte)

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The water is so hard here (14 °dH) that things gunk up really fast.
It's only 2,8 °dH where we're moving.

Dåligt skämt 

Oh, Mastodon is available in Icelandic now. :)

Then I also get to test my hypothesis that a more information-dense language (that encodes more information in each word) is better suited as a base language for translations. Many translations are quite poor due to the ambiguity of English. You need more context than what a short text string provides, to be able to translate it well.

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For the next program I write, I'll try to not use English as the main language. Seems so sad that it's the default and often only [fully] supported language even in software primarily created by people whose native language is something else. If people who don't speak English can learn it in order to use a program or whatever, then surely English speakers can do the same?

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Hydrogen trains 

Beard-dipper? It's not quite that but I don't know how to translate dopping.

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