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went up on a mountain. it was so nice and quiet there.
(only potato phone pictures this time, because i forgot to switch off my camera yesterday resulting in battery being depleted.)

Even though I speak Swedish, it feels a bit odd to talk to Norwegians in another language, and I feel like I have to stick to words I know are the same or similar, even though they will likely understand me anyway. But maybe we'll end up living here somewhere, and then I'll have plenty of opportunities to practise Norwegian.

I only took an instant photo of the goats, but here are some other things from today. See image descriptions for more information.

My feet are sore from walking most of the day. Tomorrow we will go up on a mountain and cuddle with goats.

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Mutant Standard is made by a disabled queer person who doesn't have a stable income, so if you've enjoyed Mutant Standard emoji and have the money, consider kicking a few bucks this way:


We loitered in Oslo all day, after not sleeping much on the bus. But a nice night train awaits us now.

Time to ride a bus for 17 hours. Sjáumst.

Frederik can become other animals. Here he is some kind of suricate.

Whomst other than the Ellies use XMPP on here?

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I have a Switch. I don’t need... ANOTHER Switch... *starts sweating* It’s just. It’s so small. It needs me??

Some affluent air traveler, please climate-compensate by paying for our bus/train tickets that were more expensive than flight tickets.

Python 3.7 data classes bring it one step closer to the modern conveniences of C99 :-þ

Hva er dine veganske favorittrestauranter i Oslo og Bergen?

Had some issue with dynamic linkage, using the official package, but this works

Trying this XMPP client because there is a cute dinosaur

Where can I host a gopher hole, if I don't want to run my own server?

It's nice to have a first name that's old-fashioned and unusual enough amongst online folk to be available as a username even on things that have been around for a long time.

So many people sitting in traffic that moves slower than we do on our bikes. I don't get it.

I like my AMD StinkPad. I hope it will last for a very long time, and that I can get a RISC-V StinkPad by the time I upgrade (or at least an ARM StinkPad.)

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