Genitive case 

There's some common verbs too that govern the genitive case, like sakna (to miss.)
Ég sakna þín (I miss you (but like thine I guess?))

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Some technology crap: yes, we'll just use the English word directly
A new pronoun: but, think of the language‽

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German imports all sorts of goofy words and doesn't even adapt them to fit with the language, how hard can a new pronoun be.

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TIL, while trying to find the name of a long-gone ride at Gröna Lund, that amusement park rides from my childhood are still alive and being used in the US. :o

If slow-to-adapt "what is trans" Sweden can introduce a gender-neutral pronoun, and use it on government websites, in the news, etc, then I refuse to believe it's impossible elsewhere. It's definitely not that they are at the forefront of these things, or have a good track record on trans issues, or anything like that. Quite the opposite. Yet still there's "hen," so get to it, Germany and other places.

They're called pronouns in English because they have 3 cases, whereas regular, consumer-grade nouns only have 1.

"Real name: ugla
Name must be at least 5 characters long"

Takk fyrir ekkert

Name pondering 

I like having an easily translatable and declinable name :]

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Guessing people in countries that span many time-zones know those ones? Maybe that should have been an option.

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Follow-up question :)
When someone specifies a date/time using a time-zone abbreviation (CST, IST, etc) do you know when that is, in local time, without having to look it up?

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WonderSwan is my favourite console name

*Tries to sound like a real German*
*Sounds like a Dane instead*

Must take some effort to make a rhyming dictionary for English. Can't just look at the spelling like in other languages. But maybe there are good data sets available?

I'm curious why cryptic, country-specific timezone abbreviations are used

"The warrior achieved a state of spiritual unification with the bear or the wolf, which would frequently erupt in bouts of ecstatic fury. This bond was displayed to others by the warrior’s dressing [themself] in a ritual costume made from the hide of the animal, an outward reminder of [them] having gone beyond the confines of his humanity and become a divine predator."

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Vikings had fursuits, made from the hide of an animal like their fylgja (fursona)

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