There are only two genders: the base case, and the recursive step.

Just remembered that the person(s) who translated Moomin to Icelandic changed Groke's gender to male just like that. But everyone else has to get an appointment with Óttar at Landspítalinn to become Certified Trans.

Bandcamp won't let you use unamerican letters in your subdomain, but it works anyway if you punycode it.

Sometimes I almost feel like I know how to program. I can contribute to all the software things I use.

Vimb doesn't seem to have an option to disable location access completely. I should add that.

"when a code section is sufficiently large, we can find unaligned x86_64 instructions that yield unconditional branching without having to modify the actual code"

Variable-length encoding is bad actually

"Mastodon värd på"
Åh nej, Mastodon särskriver

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TIL I can use gpg-agent as an ssh-agent, and that I can use an authentication subkey as my SSH key.

It makes more sense to me to let the window manager handle browser "tabs," so that they are handled like every other window, instead of the browser window being a WM of its own that works differently.

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(cat ec in one picture)
when the Round Catte can't decide which of her toys she wants to shred first.

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The concept of modern smartphones is very Designed in California. Try to use one in the winter, in a place where they get cold. Oops.

Some U-Bahn train cars have glass from Flachglas Nord-Ost, and others have the clearly superior PolarTrans glass.

I don't like that my boyfriend has to work so much. It's much better when we're together.

Raptor Computer Systems are basically the only good computers, except that they're for wealthy people only.

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