Climbing two days in a row was fun, but not great for my hands, which sustained some minor injuries (just skin stuff.) I hope my hands become tougher soon.

Mario Kart puts a 🇩🇪 next to my name when I win. Why is that? Is it based on my IP? Or my Nintendo account country? It doesn't have location stuff, right?

Her housemate is a very handsome little guardian lion. He's more reserved, but wonderful in his own way.

Too bad the FrankOne coffee contraption was delayed. Wouldn't mind some effortless cold brew on these hot days.

She's always like this. There's no way she's not aware of how cute she is.

Biked and climbed and got fed. Now I want to laze until tomorrow and do it again.

"Mumienschlafsack für Herren, Damen, Erwachsene (blau)"

The three genders: men, women, and blue adults.

Need to get a 2-person tent. Any recommendations?

I got it sorted, in case someone else wants it.

It's very warm and sunny and I'm on some kind of beach. I'm much too reflective for this.

It's föstudagurinn langi so we're listening to metal and playing Mario Kart.

I've made my changes and am trying them out but how do I even debug Firefox UI code (the webby JS bits?)

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Scientists have discovered a way to suck CO2 from the atmosphere and turn it into biodegradable building products! Show more

A group of young Swedish tourists were sitting outside a restaurant, next to us, and their conversation made me wonder if people talk about different things when they think there's nobody around who understands.

I finally have my own climbing shoes :]


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