I've unfollowed a whole bunch of people over the past week or so because they've been posting un-CWed corona related doom and gloom.

It's nothing personal, I just need to protect my mental health by not seeing that stuff right now - I'll probably follow 'em again when this is done.

But it means my timeline is a bit bare! Who should I be following? Who inspires you and sparks off interesting conversations? Say something kind about your Masto friends! πŸ’–

@ak I think you're already following the people I might suggest, because we've both been in several conversations with them!

@ak if you aren't already, follow @InvaderXan. They share lots of interesting stuff and they make the world a better place.

@GwenfarsGarden @ak @InvaderXan Was gonna say this, and also @vicorva :)
SBC is a generally good place to shop for interesting follows but CW discipline may vary.

@ak I find @neauoire to write a lot of really great things, from "what I am doing" to "how we are living on our boat" to "music I am listening to."

I love the stories that @Teryl_Pacieco posts wonderful, they're so very creative and just... so great to start thinking about the world they describe.

@ak perhaps follow topics with #hashtags instead of people. πŸ˜‰

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