comic sans is a perfectly fine (if flawed) font, and the main problem with it is that people overuse it in weird contexts

but papyrus just sucks

@Alexis Papyrus and Comic Sans were answers on highbrow BBC quiz show University Challenge the other night, where one of the rounds was identifying fonts from a selection of typefaces voted the world's worst πŸ‘

@ak Measured by the ways in which it gets used poorly, yes, it's absolutely cultural trash. But its design is *fine*, even if it isn't actually particularly good comics-style lettering.

@Alexis I'm trying to remember what the other two were. I was expecting to see Algerian but it didn't come up. I think Brush Script did.

@ak My own go-to for worst ever popular and widely distributed font is Jokerman, honestly.

@Alexis I didn't know what it was called, but I recognised it when I saw it.

I worked for a while for a company whose logo was in a hideous font called "Space Toaster".

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