I remembered why I don't like Discord. It's full of manic
people who
at a million
an hour lol
and can't
seem to get more
than two words
out at a time

I met an adult earlier who was born in the year 2000. My time has passed.

Yes, those are winged unicorns on the windows of a tram 🦄 🚋

Far-right politics 

Far-right politics 

Gmail doesn't seem the most appropriate thing to use for a professional email account. When you go to email your tutor about something it offers to let you "hang out with Rachel".

I used to go here for my breakfast at work, you need to use the new addition after eating the food...


This is only tangentially to do with football. It's more of a story of towns up and down the country barely clinging on economically.

The football club is about to go to the wall, the newspaper's already left town, the radio station is struggling to survive, the high street is half empty and where's the future?


Screaming children on public transport make me SO happy I never had kids and I'm about to be infertile

Radio, money 

Radio, money 

This is doing the rounds this week.

> Radio is a money making machine. The goal is to make money. You will have to work your arse off and go unrewarded. You are owed nothing.

(Source: linkedin.com/pulse/5-biggest-l)

Alternatively, radio is a business, your work is making money for your employer and you deserve a fair salary. It seems weird that this has become a radical left position.

The radio in this café, which I believe is tuned to a station called "Heart", has got the worst selection of Christmas music ever. We've had Do They Know It's Christmas and we're now on Last Christmas. It's still preferable to the builders' classic rock radio thumping away next to my house.

I should be more excited about transition, shouldn't I? I feel more like... matter-of-fact about it, a little nonplussed. It's a thing that's happening because it needs to happen.

The builders have stopped bangin' but they now play a classic rock radio station for nine hours a day. It's this constant low-level rumble all day long. I've got a headache.

Hipster FM aka 6 Music are hosting their show today "live from the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery in Margate" just in case we were in any doubt about their ability to become any more seaside hipster

Trans stuff 

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