I don't think I understand what "romance" is.

My best explanation has always been "the re-enactment of tropes from media that are socially coded as romantic". Buying flowers, doing the Lady & the Tramp pasta thing, etc. But it's just.. mimicry! Interested in others' hopefully more nuanced thoughts on this.


@tty I'm ace but alloromantic, and I have no idea how to describe romance which is possibly how sexual people feel about describing sexual attraction to me. To me romance is not performative, it's a specific thing, I don't know if it's a feeling or what, but it's a thing. It feels in my brain like pouring a purple rainbow at someone and it creates a tether that connects me to them. A purple rainbow beam.



@tty then the doing romantic things I know nothing about. It'd be just anything I do with the one at the other end of the purple rainbow beam.

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