Disability, job, masking 

Now that more people have begun working at the office, it's looking less and less sustainable to pretend I'm neurotypical. I can feel the meltdowns coming closer, even with noise-cancelling headphones. It's about that time also where people start perceiving I'm 'strange' but associating it to me being foreign.

I still don't trust that it won't work against me to tell. But it's getting to a point when it's no longer a choice. :battery_low:

Disability, job, masking 

@aeki :blobheart: I would probably be transparent about being on the spectrum, but I'm also more reckless.

If only offices were more partitioned. Or even better, private offices. Stupid open landscape.

Disability, job, masking 

@aeki big mood re: masking getting harder to impossible. i relate to the reluctance to tell people, even while knowing it's not sustainable to keep working at a job where people would react hostile to that. but i get that it's also tough when alternatives seem scarce and one needs the job/income. i hope you can find a solution that works, wishing you strength :blobcatheart:

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