When you've been hyper-focusing the entire day and everything you've ignored now demands your attention

now I can make my website look like it was made by a wealthy corporation

Ukraine is a real country where millions of actual people live. It is not an "empty no man's land" somewhere in-between "the West" and "Russia".

All of Russia's rhetoric is as if the world consisted of only Russia and the US (maybe China too). Everyone else is just "territories".

It feels weird and angry to be in this situation when whether your country will continue to exist is being decided by other people.

In the same time I feel lucky we're close to Europe and thus more...relevant?


Keyboards are the pinnacle of digital technology.

having a dx (self dx included) is so important not for the labels but bc it gives you somewhere to start looking for help

i swerved a complete meltdown by stopping and letting myself stim it out until it felt better. i would never have in a million years done that if i didnt come to realize im autistic. i would have just crashed and then blamed myself for not being more stable.

Those of you who write Free Software, do you primarily:

"Waiter, I just saw someone sneak around and sprinkle some powder in the food over there."
"Oh, that is perfectly normal sir. That is just the sus chef."

bad socialization skills, tipsy talk 

I am BAD at staying in contact with people. It absolutely boils down to “I need something that I know THEY’RE interested in talking about AND is big enough to warrant a ‘hey, significant update message’”

Deities forbid I start a year long hiatus with “I found a half eaten donut on the ground” to a professional patisserie. I HAVE TO BE INTERESTING DAMMIT!!!!

We should stop doing phone calls already.

It made sense when it was the quickest way to contact someone at a distance, but now we have better ways to do that.

You don't know what they person you're calling is doing, but you're asking them to stop it and give you immediate attention instead. That's not very polite.

And if more people happen to call at the same time, one of them gets a "busy" response and has to call back later. That's inconvenient for both the caller and the callee.

Dry paint. I moved it to another room because I couldn't get a decent pic of it in my office where I made it.

Honestly one of the biggest issues I still see on masto and the rest of social media from "allies" is just immediately assuming the worst faith from "awkward" behavior instead of realizing someone might be autistic, have English as a second language, or both.

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i don’t think it’s cool that companies are going to be able to get rid of what’s often their largest piece of overhead — physical offices — and offload associated soft costs onto remote workers (your home is now analogous to the car of an uber driver), but we don’t get that money. it just increases profit margins? *tapping mic* is anyone — oof sorry that’s loud — is anyone doing anything on this

What's your opinion on nicknames that other peoples give to you?

(Of course four options can't cover every case, so pick the most lenient option you're still okay with.)

my desk is a horrible mess lately and it keeps getting worse and it is absolutely a reflection of my mental and emotional state. and i don't want to clean it because it feels like giving myself more work when i'm exhausted and also because i feel like i should address the root problem instead and ask for help, but that feels deeply impossible

This. If you have knowledge you want to pass on, make a blog, a website on something.

Posting on things we have to get an app, sign in, find et and scroll for ages, is ensuring this knowledge will not spread.

Even Twitter is part of the problem

Question for disabled people with insomnia 

Does "sleep hygiene" actually help you get to sleep or sleep better? And, is it even possible for you?

Like they say to "only sleep and have sex in your bed" (ew) but I need to relax in bed to not be in pain and I don't have the luxury of having an extra bed to be in during the day or something

There's nothing like trying to watch YouTube videos on mobile to emphasize that ad blockers are a mental health tool, above and beyond their utility at protecting people from propaganda. Like, none of these scam-health-scare snake-oil salesfolk or horror movie promoters are using content warnings for their gross-out garbage, fatmisia, or ultraviolence. That stuff is just smashed in everyone's faces, bedamned the consequences.

- 🎒💧💢

question for others with ADHD, hyperfocus 

@glitter 😂 embarassing hyperfocus is the worst

Honestly I'm autistic as well as ADHD so it's hard to know where to draw the line but tbh I don't think autistic folk can usually trigger hyperfocus either. My partner is autistic as well and the hyperfocus appears without warning, lasts a few weeks, and then is replaced by a new one. No amount of video watching will get them to play Minecraft when they've moved on to memorising elements.

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