there are two neurodiversities inside you. one makes you hate change. and one makes novelty the most interesting thing. you're autistic and adhd.

Question for non-native English-speakers 

In your compulsary education, you learned (in addition to your first language):

I'm curious to know how the results change if I narrow down the population:

Please vote if you're on the spectrum and also have some executive dysfunction like ADD/ADHD

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I really need to know this, so please boost for visibility:

Are there any people out there on the autistic spectrum that have found a format of living that works for them, that makes them happy?

If you're on the spectrum and feel generally happy or content: do you have a routine, specific coping mechanism(s) or special life conditions that you recommend or feel privileged with? Did you feel happier after excluding some particular element of stress in some way?

If you're on the spectrum and feel generally unhappy: do you think there could be a happy existence for you if society enabled it?

I can't seem to find a non-web-based open source zoom alternative! Jitsi is nice, but the desktop app doesn't seem to be maintained/developed(?) and web video stuff just doesn't work well enough on older machines or slow connections.

I'm a shape shifter. What is it going to be today?

tech, recommendations please! boost ok 

Hey y'all, I'm looking for a new work/uni laptop, either one with linux preinstalled or one that runs linux without issues. Can you give me any recommendations? Preferably about computers you have personally used on a daily basis

Mh - 

Waking up anxious at 2 am nearly every day because brain wants to solve my entire thesis and all my life problems at once and won't let me rest until that happens but won't let me think straight because anxiety and insomnia.

i just don't get how so many people seem to be capable of saying "we need to artificially create work that doesn't need to be done so that people have jobs" with a straight face

code at work: every line is supposed to be unit tested and easy to read

code in games: if we don't multiply this by 43.1536 everyone ends up upside down and spinning and no one knows why

I just realized that my account migration moves followers but not follows. Unless it's still ongoing. :blobcatthink:

I had previously written "Manjaro xcef" instead of xfce because initials tend to be absorbed in a certain way where order doesn't matter much after the first letter. I spent years thinking those old tvs were "CTR" instead of CRT.

It does not go to the point of dyslexia but I do need to constantly check my terminal commands. Maybe I should just make aliases for all permutations.

$ lblsk

Taking a day off from life. Made a new avatar. Soon eating donuts and watching an episode of Run On.

pair-programming - 

It gets paradoxically worse (or at least not better) in distance mode, where my audio processing issues cannot be compensated for.

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pair-programming autistic/adhd struggle rant 

Everyone in my school seems to be obsessed with pair programming and wants everyone to do it. I've tried it over and over (as it's been mandatory) but I've never been good at it.

I find it absolutely exhausting. I can't even think when someone is looking at my screen and I can't think either when I don't have access to the keyboard.

It adds to the feeling of being wrong and inadequedate. Please just let me work by myself.

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