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Hi, I am Zen. A bisexual polyamorous Jedi Knight.

I like to write, code, and build electronic gadgets. Avid roleplayer either tabletop or in the virtual world of Second Life.

Both mentally ill (Bipolar I) and chronically ill (Dermatomyositis with Interstitial Lung Disease) and while people may think I should not let my illnesses define me, they impact every moment of my life and are not easily dismissed. This is my lived reality.

Constantly evolving.

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Watching the Documentary Behind the Curve about Flat Earthers. It is boggling. I am mostly agog, but the first bit that made me chuckle is that there is a Flat Earther dating site, because "flat earthers can only date other flat earthers."

Your daily reminder that Jedi are diplomats, not doormats (and sometimes negotiations get "aggressive").

"There was no Jedi so wise that he could not be undone by his own assumptions."

Gray, Claudia. Master & Apprentice (Star Wars) (p. 308). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Out walking my dog
I notice the petrichor
Clouds obscure the sun

Don't know if packaging is getting stronger or if I am getting weaker due to the Dermatomyositis.

Light Side or Dark Side?

I'd just have to compartmentalize about mythical/fictional Jedi lore from the real-life stuff I practice and write about.

My original plan after HIgh School was to be a performer at Disneyland while waiting for a big break as a musician or movie star or something like that. But I abandoned my performing dreams and pursued a technical career cuz I wanted to marry someone, and knew her parents would never approve of a starving artist. Well they never approved of an Engineering Technician either. But I think my dream job might be to portray a "Gatherer" at Galaxy's Edge.

Watch at your own risk, but hurry before it gets taken down!

Detective Pikachu leak!

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That Feeling When:

You realize it is a whole other week until you get to play D&D again.

So hey, May is Myositis Awareness Month. I am very aware of how very much it sucks.

Today during my walk with Sadie we were approaching a squirrel munching on an acorn. The squirrel was unaware of us and Sadie had not spotted it yet. When we got a few feet away I felt it my duty to alert the squirrel before Sadie got too close. It ran up an oak tree and Sadie got excited and lunged, but it was too late, the squirrel was safe from the squirrel chaser.

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I never thought of using dating sites as marketing tools, but I just realized I have sold at least 3 books to people I have met on dating sites. I really need to get around to putting something on my Jedi website to market my Jedi book.

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