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Hi, I am Zen. A bisexual polyamorous Jedi Knight.

I like to write, code, and build electronic gadgets. Avid roleplayer either tabletop or in the virtual world of Second Life.

Both mentally ill (Bipolar I) and chronically ill (Dermatomyositis with Interstitial Lung Disease) and while people may think I should not let my illnesses define me, they impact every moment of my life and are not easily dismissed. This is my lived reality.

Constantly evolving.

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Ever get that feeling that you need to get away from straight people for a while? Just me?

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I am watching day 8 of the tournament. Describing Takakeisho a commenter said "he looks like an Ozeki already."

Why is it whenever I learn to do something in that I already knew how to do in , the Linux version is always better?

Today I was asked to translate "本はあまり読みません。" which means "I do not read a lot of books. You don't know me, Duolingo, why you make me say this horrible stuff?

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TFW: When you realize that Ensign Tilly is better at cussing than Captain Kirk even when she is trying not to.

The geek in me wants to know if hadōdesu is the same Japanese word used in Space Battleship Yamato / Star Blazers that is translated in English as "Wave motion Engine/Gun"

So last night I was trying to explain the Japanese term "Aiki" (合気) to someone, and those who are familiar with the term or practice Aikido know that translation for this concept can be a bit nuanced. I was curious if Google Translate would have any insight. It translated just 合 as "synthesis" which is interesting but did not have anything for 合気 except two suggestions: 合気道 (Aikido) and the phrase "合気道は波動です" (Aikidō wa hadōdesu) which means "Aikido is wave motion" which is all kinds of awesome.

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I didn't have a difficult day, but I felt a lot of strong feelings throughout the day, from elation to despair and everything in between. What a day.

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