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Intro Toot!

Hi, I am Zen. A bisexual polyamorous Jedi Knight.

I like to write, code, and build electronic gadgets. Avid roleplayer either tabletop or in the virtual world of Second Life.

Both mentally ill (Bipolar I) and chronically ill (Dermatomyositis with Interstitial Lung Disease) and while people may think I should not let my illnesses define me, they impact every moment of my life and are not easily dismissed. This is my lived reality.

Constantly evolving.

Medical and parent complaining 

So I have an in person appointment at Stanford this week. My mom has often offered to transport me to appointments there but wanted me to overnight at her home in Stockton the day of my appointment which is unrealistic especially with my oxygen equipment. So I tell her I will find another way and she gets upset at me. *sigh*

I am hella nervous going that far during the pandemic while immunocompromised.

I also have the introduction written. So off to a good start.

Here are some of the chapter ideas we have brainstormed:

Why the Path is Political
The Good Guys in Star Wars were antifascist
The Rebellion is Diverse
The Resistance is led by women
"Training as an Ally"
"No side is still a side: choosing sides matters" -> "Empire or Rebellion?"
The Good Stormtroopers were the ones that quit

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So I started work on my follow up book to my first Jedi Book. The follow up will be titled "The Social Justice Jedi" I have not decided firmly on a subtitle but I am leaning towards "Becoming a Guardian of Peace and Justice" I have been brainstorming chapter ideas with my Jedi Mentee, Anna Lightsky.

Hopefully I can finish this one a lot quicker than the last one. I have the foreword written where I talk about the environment of the book's creation after the murder of George Floyd.

Jedi Fallen Order 

I am REALLY getting tired of Dathomir.

But at least the game doesn't crash anymore so there is hope I could be done with it. But now I learn we have to come back here later.

So this song just came across my radar. Dedicated to all my sapphic friends. I have so much love for this. The heartbreak is real.

So over at Jedi Path Academy. we pulled off our second video conference class this one being "The Jedi Response to Oppression" it turned into a pretty long discussion, but I hope worthwhile. Here is the recording of the session:

So I am one of those "Real-Life Jedi" and I have been doing it for about 15 years. I started a Jedi website in 2012, and I recently launched a program where I teach Jedi Philosophy in real-time over videoconference. Tonight was our first class, and I think it went splendidly. Here is the recording so you can see for yourself

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Today's mascot was requested by our very own real life Jedi @ZenMondo and created by @Feverdreamless ! It shows our mascot, Fuchsia, cosplaying Rey from the new Star Wars series!

May the Fourth be with you!

Medical procedure. 

Two more days, then again 4 weeks later. for a six months treatment plan, then we will revisit with my doctors.

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Medical procedure. 

My first day of IVIG infusion is done, and I feel fine -- well actually not worse than I usually do.

During the infusion, I did a brief meditation trying to "connect" to my medicine or at least to those who donated plasma to make the medicine. I have the antibodies of tens of thousands of individuals in my system now. As many as 60,000 different donors went into this.

Wewt! Our game for Ludum Dare 46 now has 20 ratings in all categories (20 in Humor 23 in everything else) so we will get a score at the end of the competition! I count this as a success for my first attempt at the jam. I am pretty pleased and so grateful to my teammate who introduced me to all this. I really want to do it again in October for the next one!

I just realized I had not posted the result from our attempt at Ludum Dare 46. My teammate Anna Lightsky and I made a short text adventure called "Mission of Hope" which takes places aboard a space-ship during a disaster. Can you save everyone and get the winning result?

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I had an idea of keeping a document about how companies acted during the pandemic. Someone did a better job of my idea. This will become a vital resource in knowing what companies to do business with and which ones to boycott out of existence.

So looks like I am doing the Ludum Dare Jam this weekend. The theme is "Keep it Alive" and my teammate and I are hashing out ideas for a text based adventure in a cyberpunk setting.

Hey here is an anti-fascist collective that is making Hand Sanitizer to distribute to those in need in Portland. I just donated to their gofundme fundraiser, and I would urge you to do the same.

For these trying times, I offer you a rendition of Mad World by Curt Smith and his daughter. Diva.

I asked for friendship bracelets for my birthday during quarantine and they have started to arrive. One is the non-binary pride colors and the other are the colors from California's Bear Flag (or the colors from the California Jedi logo your choice)

Birthday during a Pandemic 

So here we are. 48 orbits around the day star completed, Birthday in Quarantine. Truth be told being immunocompromised even if there was not a global pandemic, it would probably still be spent quietly at home.

pol covid-19 

Ok Serious Question: What Should Post-Pandemic-Politics look like? What kind of things that flew before Covid-19 will we find unacceptable on the other side of this? What sort of issues will we fight for? What will we do to the politicians that either caused harm or profited during this time? But most importantly what do we do RIGHT NOW to prepare for the post-pandemic world?

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