Our shitty landlady came over again and managed to as usual, stress us the fuck out

We tried to inform her of the laws and she just didn’t listen and argued with us

I don’t say this lightly but I genuinely hate this woman. Like seriously

I’m shaking I’m so angry

Great.....thanks brain. I totally needed a dream about someone I once cared a great deal about but am no longer in contact with. Woke up feeling depressed and with little appetite as a result


Wanna draw.....don’t have any ideas and looking at my inspiration boards on Pinterest isn’t helping

Nothing is sparking right now. I’ve sketched out two potential drawings and I’m not sure I like either one


‪Feeling like a giant imposter of an artist right now ‬

I decided to take the leap and sign up for a Gold membership on Ko-Fi (it’s not that expensive....little more than $50 for a year)


I’m really really not ok

No lunch for me cause I feel nauseated

Ooook it’s happened. The bitch served me with a 60 day notice but also said she’d rescind it if I accepted a $150/min rent increase for 1 year

I don’t have that kind of money

I need help

I get all sorts of ideas from people of what to draw and what do I do?

Another chubby mermaid. This time a block woman with dreds (boy are those deceptively hard to draw!)

Feeling like I need to draw something but I don’t know what

Another mermaid? Something else entirely?

I just think drawing will help my mood a bit

I’m really not ok right now

So much rage.....so much

How dare she. We have bigger things going on in the world right now and she’s worried about a fucking plumbing bill 😡😡😡

That’s just fucking great......delusional landlady is trying to threaten us with a 60 day notice because of the plumbing mess

I tried to tell her no, that it was her responsibility not ours and I couldn’t get through so I just shut the door in her face.

I might need legal help at obviously the worst possible time right now

First day of work from home went relatively well. Was able to access everything ok.

My set up at home is not ideal though and I’m having to sit in wats that cramp my legs and hurt my hips

I also made a semi successful mini shopping trip. Found eggs, bread, bacon, and pork chops. Still no milk. I’m ok for now but the milk is gonna be critical in a couple days

I’ve never had so much anxiety over grocery shopping before.

Everything was just....gone

I managed to get some lunch meat, sausage, baby food, and a few snacks

Emergency alerts keep going off on people’s phones on the train and it’s exacerbating my anxiety

I’m freaking out so badly right now. I can’t focus on anything for long

I’m gonna try and do shopping but I’m worried I won’t be able to get what we need

Sooooo I’m gonna be working from home now.

So that’s a thing that’s happening

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