Finally finished inking this… up is color. Not sure if I’ll get to that today or not

First thing I’ve drawn in months and it’s fan art for OFMD

in progress…..Jim from Our Flag Means Death

So it occurs to me that some people don’t like GoFundMe and how they do things. So in light of that, if you want to donate directly…..

PayPal is: weirdodragoncat at gmail dot com
Venmo is @Weirdodragoncat
Cashapp is $weirdodragoncat
I also have Facebook pay

And as usual, even if you can’t donate, sharing helps

We’ve had to step up getting Alex to the dentist due to the extreme pain he’s in. He’s being seen next week

Hey all…..some financial stuff has come up and I started a fundraiser. If anyone can help, that would be lovely. If you can’t donate, sharing also helps

Sorry I’ve been radio silent for so long all….

Work has mostly eaten my brain and I now have the added stress of looking for a new place to live (we got a 60 day notice at the beginning of this month)

If anyone has a lead on a decent sized room (will fit a king bed), will take 2 people in the room, and is $1000 or less in the Bay Area ….oh and also close to BART….please let me know

So visit went well. I was there for about 3 or so hours I think? Anyway….@ZenMondo wanted me to tell you all how it is and lemme tell you it’s hard stuff they’re dealing with. Panic attacks, pain, and even just basic functions are a major chore. Their strength in dealing with all of this though is nothing short of amazing. Despite the pain and difficulty with basic stuff, they’re optimistic and recovering more and more each day.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn these little bat wing hair clips before so why not…..

Inked! Color will happen tomorrow cause it’s late and I’m tired

I added Dug from Up, the ball from Toy Story, and Hei Hei from Moana at various peoples suggestions

I need to figure out how to appropriately price my art cause I keep undercutting myself

Fortunately so far, I’ve had honest clients but I know that won’t always be the case

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