Apparently it’s ‘pick a fight with the housemates’ time again, which means passive aggressive notes this time

I just pulled them off the wall and tore them up and left the pieces in front of their door. Unfortunately, Jasmine wasn’t the one to see that….her sister was.

Also….lemme tell you …..negotiating what your art is worth is terrifying!

And of course no sooner was I done with the commission, someone in my Rachel group on Facebook asked if anyone did tattoo designs.

So based on what she wanted, I came up with this simple design

I finished it! It doesn’t have a name but at least I finished it

Suggestions for a name would be good

Woo…just got back from a coffee date that I think went well. Dunno what they thought of me but I liked them

Finished the pencil and inking part. Think I'm gonna take a break before I try coloring it

Decided to work on a WIP that’s a redraw of an unfinished piece. Only thing I’m not sure of is what to put in the picture frame.

Pic of unfinished piece included for reference

Apparently today is a ‘someone is wrong on the internet’ kind of day

Since I just had to YEET a TERF from my friends list, this bears repeating :

Trans women are women….full stop

Trans men are me …..again, full stop

If you have a problem with this….you know where the door is

Oh….and it’s name literally means ‘muddled confusion’

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I found out what kind of creature Morris from Shang-Chi is!

It’s called a Hundun (pronounced like huntun) and it’s actually a creature from Chinese mythology!

I have a Build-A-Bear Umbreon now! I also got a Morris plushie from the Shang-Chi movie….he’s so soft and cute!

Fucking fare inspectors again on BART. Seriously BART? You have nothing better to spend your money on??


Just did a video interview for a receptionist position. I always feel awkward in those. I hope that didn’t come across. We’ll see what happens

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