Hey friends I'm still really struggling for funds so I'm willing to do another two halloween icons (or just regular fall ones). These are £25 each ($35). If you can pay today I'll complete today. Please boost and reply if interested x

Hey friends I’m struggling to pay my phone bill and my travel costs for university after that debacle with council tax and I’d really appreciate some help. Anything you can give would mean so much. paypal.me/robertbear

a thing I hate about adverts is how they just fill your senses with this aesthetic sensibility that you haven't asked for very suddenly -

you're listening to some chill synth stuff online and then 'BWAAAA HERE IS A HORROR MOVIE COMMERCIAL WITH GRATING TONES AND THICK DRUMS'

oh and now back to your chill synths

Ok so last night I dreamed that Steve Martin was my therapist that I saw once a week at school and at the end he started getting mad about the McElroys saying they were coddled babies who want to stop people having fun

my twitter is still dead so I'll just hang out here lol

All these news articles expressing astonishment and confusion over skyrocketing suicide rates and not one makes the connection to our current economic situation

How do you feel good about yourself?

That feel when you get hit for 45 HP but then you smack the boss back for 41 HP

I wish the Freddie Mercury biopic had a better name. I also wish it followed in the vein of Steve Jobs and Jackie and hyper focused on one event/ small series of events rather than the kind of anachronistic way of doing biopics where you just show their whole life in 90 minutes

The more I think about it the fact that the We Will Rock You musical didn’t feature explicitly queer lead characters with an explicitly queer love story at its heart is actually astonishingly ghoulish

High key don’t wanna go to uni today because I low key don’t wanna exist

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lewd art, breeding 

So, I got a wonderful piece from @Tomo featuring @Saxxon and me!

Look at it, because it's really good :purple_sparkling_heart:

‪Guess who binge watched all of Bojack Season 5 in one sitting?‬

It’s definitely a sign of abuse when someone acts different to you when you’re alone than when other people are also present right?

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