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I made this in Blender for CGBoost's Little Traveler challenge and although there's so many issues with it (I especially couldn't get the lighting right) I'm super proud I was able to finish something. :3

My 3D art journey feels like it's officially started now!

The story is that the pumpkin with eyes is named Hallow and he didn't want to be sold like the other pumpkins, so he grew eyes and legs and jumped off to start his own journey!

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I'm having to work this whole weekend. Friday was pretty light, though, so I'm hoping today and Sunday are the same so I can have some kind of weekend.

I've finally gotten myself to work on drawing again. And I have painting supplies coming in soon to get back into Watercolor.

I'll continue learning art if it kills me! >:X

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Let’s make a thread of artists that have started to check out mastodon to escape Musk’s stenchy musk. (not the good kind for anyone… execpt his yes men of course, that he keeps on tight leashes)

Please reblog, self promote, add your own, and whatever else happens on this site… BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY check these people out and support them so they know that this can be an alternative.

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I made it! I found a server on Mastodon about animation I like! Hello everyone! I hope to see great stuff here!
I draw foxes in my freetime so have this dapper fox as welcome!

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I've unintentionally been on Twitter a lot less these past couple of days, and it's been really nice, lmao.

I need to fit in such a powerful nap sometime today.

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All of the artwork I made for the art show at Eurofurence 25 back in 2019

Woke up this morning in time to watch the blood moon and eclipse. It's strangely magical to see nature in motion.

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One cool but maybe less-visible feature here: The "locked" setting of your account (whether followers need approval) is independent of the visibility setting for each post.

That means you can have a locked account but still make some posts public, and you can also have an unlocked account but make some posts only visible to your followers.

#FediTips #MastoTips

Two hours left on my work day. I've gotten nothing done, and that will continue until the day ends. :3

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Intro posting 3/ 

Also just because I can, here is a bunch of art of my fursona. First two are commissions (HJeojeo and Metalliclaws), second two are by me

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Some #FollowFriday recommendations:

@VoiceOfDog -- furry story podcast

@Teryl_Pacieco -- daily micro fiction

@sylvia_ritter -- beautiful animal/fantasy artwork

Also, a few bots (the good kind) to fill your feed:

@foxesinlove_mirror -- Fediverse mirror of the popular Foxes in Love comic

@APoD -- Astronomy Picture of the Day

@arcticfoxbot -- fluffy marshmallows

It's interesting how the act of learning itself is a skill. The more I learn things, the easier time I have learning other things. Even if they're unrelated.

I had a hard time trying to wrangle my brain to focus today. But I did make progress none the less. Working with the brain I have is a constant struggle, but I get a little better at it every day.

It already starting to feel cozy here now that a bunch of the people that I like are making accounts. :3

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I wanted to do at least a little scene for this year's #Charrtober so I let my patrons pick a prompt from the list. Here is a very FURRY Kianga—my first serious experiment with realistic 3D fur. Pet that belly at your own risk!

#GuildWars2 #Charr #B3D

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