We got the keys to our new house. Still have to do all the interior stuff though (so-called development state), plus paperwork and such, so I'm not excited yet.

Finally got a haircut the other day after months of trying to grow my hair out (it was a mess, apparently when I was trying to straighten it so it behaves I burnt it). I'm not sure if I entirely like it, but I *do* look like a person for a change (we're going to a wedding tomorrow so that's helpful). Probably gonna try to grow it out again later, but take proper care of it and try to go to a hair dresser every once in a while to get it shapes like a topiary.

I made tiny Sims 4 mod/cc edits and am very proud of myself! 

googled a drug I take and turns out people call it kiddy cocaine


sure am taking drugs I guess

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med-taking skills 

To be fair, that strategy usually compounds problems in the long run, but huh, I guess in these circumstances the run wouldn't be wrong.

Maybe use a spray bottle like with cats? I make a terrible child minder

More sick leave
More meds
More frustration

Just remembered the existence of the Blue Oyster bar in the Police Academy movies

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Sitting in a café and the groundskeepers have come in to have a chat out of the rain. One of them made an insensitive joke and another said: 'That's not a good joke.'

'It is! It's meant to be funny,' the other replied.

'It's not as funny as it is offensive.'

A pause. 'Yeah. You're right. Sorry.'

The conversation moved on.

Calling this stuff out, even if it seems 'minor', is good and effective!

Beards*. The wonder-solution to an facial improvement of masculine-presenting folks. Kind of meh-looking? A beard will change that to yeah.

*Has to be dense/long enough to be somewhat opaque, and you gotta keep it in check. Patchy, sparse, and/or very unkempt beards can backfire without a bit of attention.

Feminine-presenting faces are probably generally better served by other methods in our current culture. It's beyond my qualifications.

Gender non-conformists: the world is your oyster.

As much as I get confused by the MM/DD/YYYY date format (because PL uses DD/MM/YYYY), it's the superior format for organizing. Although actually YYYY/MM/DD would be the best.

Also not checking social media even though I know there's stuff happening

And playing the Sims, the least engaging game of all time (except it sucks you in for hours because you've come up with that idea of the totally nerdy nightclub that has dance and chill and games in the basement but I spacer rockit and observatory above

In that weird mode of needing to have podcasts or youtube talkies running but also not wanting to focus on anything new so I keep relistening to stuff I've already listened to a million times

Pokemon GO 

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