if I put stickers on everything I own, will it make me less credible or did that go out the window long ago?

and now i'm buying old mlp toys, jeezeffinchrist

i don't even know why i remembered i like ponies now

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did you know brother is the bro version of a bother?

my little pony, bronies, frustration 

I hate that bronies are a thing, because I like my little pony (have since kidhood) and am a dude and now there's this whole label and thing and jesus christ why is everything increasingly horrible on the internet

like being a masculine MLP fan/collector wasn't looked down upon enough before Friendship is Magic

also I refuse to be called anything with "bro" in it (unless it actually extends into brother)

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hey fellow poor people: you deserve nice things that you enjoy

moreover, you deserve them more than those who are not under a constant struggle to survive

if you spend money to get yourself a cute sweater or pair of shoes for winter or a fancy meal or a huge bag of candy or whatever fuckin' thing is gonna make your life more tolerable, do not feel guilty about it

the only people who deserve to feel guilty are those who are hoarding resources from the rest of us

have a good week

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anyway uh, gender/sexuality/weapon ?

mine now: fluid femme enby/lesbian/white magic

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hoppet hot tip: be nice to autistic people

Got some detergent I've heard helps strip paint off plastic minis (and doesn't break the bank or unavailable in stores) -- gotta admit, it's not bad! 

Pictures of one mini stripped using Cleanlux next to one that is in the same state as the other one was pre-stripping. Chaos dude was soaked for a couple of days and scrubbed, there's still some paint remaining because I got lazy around the details. The skinny Eldar dude took one day and just a bit of scrubbing and it's almost like new!

Our public television is essentially propaganda. I know most of ya'll don't speak polish, but song from news stripes below. it's stuck in my head now 

Talking about lamps on my desk for no reason 

I now have 3 lamps just on my desk and all of them are makeshift-but-forever -- a standing lamp with the bulb apparatus replaced by a relatively small square LED panel; a strip of LED tape taped above my keyboards (I have a computer desk with shelves, incl. one for the monitors, so it's under there ); and a long, 2500 lumen LED bar lamp over the entire desk. Spot light, keyboard light, strong ambient light. Maybe I need more lamps? Maybe more LEDs?

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US pol, ? 

So ... so is it true? Is there hope?

Those dudes who think you have to be some alpha male to have a relationship with a woman 

Disclaimer: obvs relationships are difficult and it can be hard to connect with people for reasons out of your control, I've been there too, and there's a lot of cultural prejudice, etc. But it's nothing like what your incel MGTOW PUAs have to say.

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Those dudes who think you have to be some alpha male to have a relationship with a woman 

They're wrong, obviously.

I'm no Chad. I'm short and fat and don't work out. I have scruffy facial hair, a soft voice, and mental probs. Also, not particularly good with money. A trans dude sans bottom surgery, so I don't even enter the size contest. I tick a lot of men's insecurity check boxes.

And yet, I have an amazing wife, who by the way is taller than me and more.

It's not your looks. It's you.

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