Welp. Computer more structurally borked than I thought. Have to give it a good think and fix, but also get an external HDD to back all my crap up just in case.

Gongs are cool


Wouldn't mind having one


Singing blows are also cool and H brought one back from Vietnam


The joys of adulthood: being excited by new appliances

I should get some sous vide bag thingies for use without a sous vide machine ... Can you even do that, or is it for-machines-only-will-explode-on-contact-with-pot? Ah well, can't really afford anything at the minute anyway... Stupid house thing

I wish my job didn't kill me on the inside

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Being broke (but only a bit) 

Being broke (but only a bit) 

Weight - 

Meat food mention and also mh- 

I have acquired extra ears to protect my primary ears from the cold

[Selfie, eye contact, hat]

It wasn't all bad. Here's to hoping I get back into it and not break down again

Going to work first time after prolonged sick leave


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Idk who needs to hear this but if you're not indigenous and feel like you have the right to comment on what indigenous communities should do, you need to sit your ass back down in your lane. Colonizers don't get to decide what anti-colonialism is, period :blobcatsip:

why passage of time?

goes by even when I'm not looking


Mh history 

Going back to work on Monday after long sick leave, terrified

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