Things that take me a long time: shopping
Things that I shouldn't be doing when I have a lot of more important things to do: things that take a long time
Things I did before getting to the new house where I have a bunch of painting to get done before Saturday: use having to literally buy one thing in the hardware store to do a bit of shopping

Polonium cream: nourishes your skin and gives it a healthy glow

(Skeptics with a K to blame)

Silly joke but with animal eating 

Depressed, kinda-sui 

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I might be the only non-British-Isles person in the world that gets excited about British-Isles food.

All kinds of shredded wheat are good but Nestle Shreddies are inferior to Kellogg's offerings.

Work on the house has started. We bought a wood stove that we like! Parents helped transport and place it, plus some other basic stuff that we wouldn't even have though of, because they know a lot about this stuff and we know zero.

[Photos of me, a humanoid, sometimes eye contact]

We got the keys to our new house. Still have to do all the interior stuff though (so-called development state), plus paperwork and such, so I'm not excited yet.

Finally got a haircut the other day after months of trying to grow my hair out (it was a mess, apparently when I was trying to straighten it so it behaves I burnt it). I'm not sure if I entirely like it, but I *do* look like a person for a change (we're going to a wedding tomorrow so that's helpful). Probably gonna try to grow it out again later, but take proper care of it and try to go to a hair dresser every once in a while to get it shapes like a topiary.

I made tiny Sims 4 mod/cc edits and am very proud of myself! 

googled a drug I take and turns out people call it kiddy cocaine


sure am taking drugs I guess

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med-taking skills 

To be fair, that strategy usually compounds problems in the long run, but huh, I guess in these circumstances the run wouldn't be wrong.

Maybe use a spray bottle like with cats? I make a terrible child minder

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