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Trans thoughts, on certainty 

my fave witchy podcast host is defending psychics against that episode of John Oliver
and she ranted that magicians use the same tricks and *they're* cool!
yeah but we all know magicians use the tricks and they're not claiming to solve your problems
obviously, not all psychics are frauds in that they aim to con you, but they can inadvertently cause damage
a magician can mostly bore you

I've just poured flour into the sugar pot because I am an extremely intelligent and focused individual

my high school friend now lives in a cul de sac

Looking at social media just makes me feel hatred towards everything

Especially those god damn things like "this will restore your faith in humanity" "this guy did this thing with the other thing and we are very overhyped" and "we're misinterpreting animal behaviors as something completely different and think it's cute"

it's not enough to ask for permission
you also have to comply with the answer

There's a ridiculous heatwave, the climate is going to kill us and it's our own fault

Health, sick leave, money (-), PL health system and worker rights (+) 

Very sharp knives are great

Chopping like chefs do is awesome

Gonna grow my hair out until I look like an old hippy and then enjoy the freedom of everyone expecting me to be weird anyway, letting me indulge in my eccentricities

The always-online requirement for modern games is stupid

I got a cheap hat and a cool skull patch on it

[selfie, face, no EC]

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Hey everyone, let's bring about that gay apocalypse the Religious Right are all afraid of.

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Gender of the day: Whatever the hell Televangelists are most angry about.

I decided for my birthday I'm going to get a brand new toner cartridge for my printer, cause the old ones my dad always refilled for me were pretty much dead, and 1. generics are a million times cheaper than they used to be 2. I AM SO HAPPY I have any sort of printer quality back

Came up with 28 fictional runes for our LARP faction, because I'm a lunatic, and everyone's loving them, which makes me very very happy

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