We kind of got used to using ASAP as of it meant right away
But what if the as soon possible was like, in a year? It might not be possible why time before that.
It's a sneaky phrase if you think about it.

If you're not doubting crystal magic enough, try to look up the meaning of a crystal in more than one place and get something consistent

Healing doesn't count, every stone is a goddamn healing stone

If you ever hear about me doing any sort of smudging, I am literally smearing stuff, probably ruining a paint job

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Whoo, I sold the wolf head thing, I couldn't think of a good use for it so I put it up in a Facebook group. I undercharged, H told me to raise the price, I undercharged just a bit less, and I sold it at that slightly better price.

Now I wanna sell things.

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It'll encourage me though and then I'll make more wands and then be sad again when nobody wants them

Someone reached out to be from my wand posting to commission a custom wand! I am very excited and will doubtlessly undercharge for it! Still, whee!

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"That's not a hydroxyl ion! That's my wife!"

Feeling sad just looking at all the mental health CWs on my feed

Friends, please tell me I can just do the tarots for my own fun and goofs, I need to be allowed

Feeling blocked about playing with the tarots since I started thinking of it in a "I have to learn the PROPER meaning PROPERLY" way

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Watching my birds play with toys set up for them is kind of a weird thing

"Aw, look how much he enjoys destroying the new thing, that was a good toy call!"

"Aw, look how much he hates these dangly things, look how much fun he's having"

"I love you guys, I know you hate me you little colorful demons, you're so adorable"

I wish I had a small lathe. Not only could I lathe things, I would have more excuses to say the word lathe.

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