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my greatest fear about ai isn't that it will be perfect and take over. it's that it will continue to be shitty, and propagate its creators' biases, but it will continue to be sold to governments and corporations as a solid black box that always tells the truth, and be treated as a perfect replacement for human judgment

Need more bits for my bits box. More bits. Bits for the bits box god.

my aarakocra is a palm cockatoo, hence the oversized beak

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someone at the table suggested we should have markers for DnD battle, or minis or something. I don't know why someone else mentioned 3d printing, isn't that what green stuff is for?

(still WIP and actually my first project with heavy green stuff use, hope it goes well)
(@kondziu that's green stuff you gave me no less than a decade ago! is still good!)

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It really grumples me when people talk about the whiteness or "cultural whiteness" of displaced Native Americans as if it makes them bad or not POC.

Don't you understand that's what the Canadian and US governments wanted? To take away any remaining cultural heritage they have?

... I think I just strained my voice box because I was trying to click my glottis

baby boomer -- a boomer who is way too young to actually be a boomer

Daily word for you:
Person who performs tricks; juggler, magician

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new video, jkr, detransition 

just been making life nice and straightforward for myself for the last two months

anyway its done now ahhh

*vomits up new video*

JK Rowling and the Detransition Narrative:

This is a very good video about detransition by @shonalika honestly, I hadn't thought about the topic very much, and I learned a bunch.

You know what? Working 1 1/4 time is too much working

I was looking for dice for DnD and I literally have 10 d10s

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The fun of vectoring:
If you decide to change your Aarakocra from a chicken to a palm cockatoo, you don't have to remake the whole thing

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A tattooed enby lifts their welding mask, “I just wish I was better at adulting, you know?” They continue welding the frame on their homebrew electric truck

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@Pan_Natek this is a mill. Try googling ‘hand mill’ and you’ll see some of at least similar design, though more often made from stone.

This one kinda looks like it’s terra-cotta and has rocks glued to it.

Hope this helps!

Internet, please help, don't know how to describe it in a way that google understands --- what is this clay thingy?

Budgie eggs and stuff, gone 

And what frustrates me the most is that I don't want to breed them more than once, I just wanted some more birb friends, though it would be cool to observe the whole thing for a moment; but now the situation is prolonged, which is not doing anyone any favors, and fruitless

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Budgie eggs and stuff, gone 

So, the breeding? Back to square one. Birbmum threw most of her eggs out of the nest; I checked the ones left and they were dead too. The nest box is off at the moment, making some adjustments (and cleaning). I'll put it back, she still looks like she might have an egg, but I don't know how to make it work. I'll keep humidity up (some eggs were dried out), but I'm also a bit worried that the heat is at fault, and I don't have much influence over that

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