I am such a nerd, I'm keeping track of the board game nights via spreadsheet now.

Brumpy the Stretch Goat from The 7th Continent, in front of a dime for scale.

Top shelf is sealed Investigators and sealed 7th Continent minis. Second is sealed Mansions of Madness monsters. Third is minis waiting on sealing, mostly Mansions of Madness monsters, and the rest of the 7th Continent minis. Bottom are unprimed Mansions of Madness minis.

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Got eight of the ten player characters in The 7th Continent painted so far! First two are in the first layer of Varnish and the other six will be tomorrow.

Feathered Serpents from Mansions of Madness second edition. Six hours of painting for the pair.

Thralls! Plan to touch up the yellow when I do pre sealing touch ups.

Monsters from Mansions of Madness in a big box expansion.
Back row: Two Hired Guns and one Dimensional Shambler
5th row: One Dimensional Shambler and two Hunting Deep Ones.
4th row: Two Wraiths and one Skeleton.
3rd row: One Skeleton and two Warlocks.
2nd and 1st rows: 3 Cultists each.

All the non (Mansions of Madness monsters) that I've painted so far. Flying Roots, bonfires and Devourers from the 7th Continent. Sixteen Mansions of Madness investigators as well.

Charlie Kane, the Politician. Wendy Adams, the Urchin. Carson Sinclair, the Butler. Halfway through painting the investigators I have.

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