I was briefly the Luminous Fiber tycoon of Excalibur.

If you have enough rafting skill you could *buy* NQ level parts and churn out HQ lumies (shut the fuck up I am the one who made 60,000,000 gil I'll call them whatever I want) with Rath's Rotation but without any chance of an NQ fibre.

So I took about a half million of seed gil and red script gear and turned it into ever song roll and non hunting hawk mini pet.

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Also got the glowing YoKai Watch car on the fourth day of the event.

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What I am trying to say is I have an unhealthful relationship with MMOs.

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(but I also spent a whopping five days to get the The Insane title in wow)

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If you play an MMO so much it makes your muscles hurt, maybe stop? Trust me.

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