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Plant tentacles including light inflation and some bimbofication done!

I feel like other people's moods here are being made my responsibility.

So I know the plant tentacle story got the most votes by far, and it's a good chunk done now, but @OozeRat on Twitter kinda wants to use it for a ~comic~ so that might be where you see it first.

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Starting to question how I view if a story was a success.

Currently I pretty much look at the release weekend views as that's really the only metric I reliably get. Once and a while I get a tip, or even better, someone leaves me a nice comment.

But those are both rare.

So currently if I see 40 views between Friday 9:00 AM and Sunday 9:00 PM, then I consider the story successful, and otherwise I lose hype for the story and concept and it slides down the possibly revisit list.

The poll is done! I ran it on both Twitter and Mastodon to get a better spread of votes.

Plant Tentacles: 19 votes
Dragon Chapter 2: 8 votes
Piercing Restraint: 8 votes
A Serious Story: 2 votes.

I am gonna write all of these ideas, I just like having a little direction about what to do next.
The serious story might show up sooner just because it's been 75% done for like six months.

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What story idea should I work on next?

Some days my brain just is so full of ideas I have to get them out before my brain collapses in on itself like a supermassive star.

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What story idea should I work on next?

An almost four thousand word long vampire hunter smut in the same setting at the snakegirl TF? What's the worst that could happen, you have your garlic, blessed water, and cross. Not like you are going to end up being fucked by a hemipeened snake woman in a flaming pentagram, right?

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So who happens to have a favorite story of mine?

NSFW IRL me waist up 

I found a three week old picture of myself, and uhh I am hot.

Feeling like a show off? Get off on the idea of other people watching you get railed? I have an exhibitonism story tag! Take a peek and see!

This week's story his 69 views over it's weekend promotion period.

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