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Weed Sex 

Just about the very first thing I saw in REmake 2 after I first got control of Clare was an ice cream bin labeled Herb Ice Cream - Herbs heal you; and four different colors of ice cream Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue.

Very good job fantastic thing to be basically my very first in game sight.

I really want to like, do a let's play or a live stream of a video or board game.

Got around to writing a little smut again. Maybe I can pick my game back up and work on that more some more some day.

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just remembered "can you blow me where the pampers is" adjkfljflj

CW Bondage 

Sup folks?

Waiting for game delivery sure is slow.

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pride, cops 

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pride, cops 

The game might slow down a bit in later senarios when there is more than just one zombie per closed off room. I can see later senarios with beefier monsters or too many zombies to clear out slowing the game down a little. Compared to Steamforged's other dungeon crawler; RE2 is far and away the better game. With more of the source material making it's way to the board game. I am looking forward to playing a later senario, so I can see how the mechanics play out better.

Finally got around to playing the RE2 board game.

I played with 1 other player, and we played Senario 1A. This senario only has zombies and 16 of the 18 cards in the tension deck at all clear (which is all we pulled). We went out of our way to get the shotgun, which my fellow player was able to use. Set up was comparable to Mansions of Madness 2nd in scope and if you factor in part of that game's set up happens while you play. Turns in RE2 were snappy fast.

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I am finding that I am getting tired of Star Trek. Not that I *hate* watching it, just that lately every episode has something in it that just makes me mad. Usually centrist politics, but specifically this time? No one besides the car nerd knowing what a car or gas is. On a fucking star ship less than three centuries removed (probably less based on Encounter at Farpoint) from the end of the use of this seriously planet changing thing.

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wtf ferrets are so bendy

(hi i have access to a ferret right now)

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Our clothing choices are sexual in the same way that everyone’s clothing choices are sexual: they express something about what we want to signal to the rest of the world. A lot of young trans women want and need to signal “girl” loudly.
It’s silly and obtuse to pretend that we’re not doing the same things that other girls do when they’re coming into *their* sexuality.
The only people in this conversation who aren’t the proud wearers of an assortment of chokers and long socks, want to.

All of my unpublished stuff sits at around 18K words total!

11 to 15 pages feels like a good chapter length to me, anyone else have thoughts?

Apparently I didn't keep track right and I have already passed 60K words! 60,065!

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