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Gentle reminder that my stories will now be at
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The *amazing* @cosmicrose is making a hand bound book of my smut stories!

We got them out in the pastures yesterday! Look at how they cavort!

And that one that likes to stick his head through the fence gets pats everytime he does it.

Got the alpaca out in the fields today.

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it's not enough to say vaccines don't cause autism. we've also gotta say autism isn't a disease; autism is just another variation of personhood; it's effectively just whether your brain runs on windows or linux & saying "vaccines don't cause autism" is still villianizing autism and autistics.

First load of the new batch is in! Just in time to run around some pasture with the new fencing.

I only feel like I have been useful or productive if I feel like I have been wrung through the ringer.

She just likes to floss. The girls gotta spend the day in the pens while we replace the perimeter fences

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I copy and pasted all of my adventure story over to here: (CW: fire, danger, etc.)

Next time I'll just post it there from the get go, like @Norintha does with her wonderful erotica at @norintha !!!

In communist polyamorie there is only one genital and everyone must share.

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Finished two shorts overnight, and started writing the first chapter of a new longer story.

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