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An Ivy (right) and Poison Ivy (left) from Resident Evil 2, mostly finished. Need to touch up a little more, add a bit of yellow to the orange on the Ivy, and paint their bases.

Red over Iron is metallic orange I have learned.

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Crawling Ones pre detailing. Gonna try a light layer of red over iron or steel to make the red have a bit of sparkle to it for the claws.

I was massively slowed down by Games Workshop not actually being a real company that can actually manage to not dick over all of the places it vends to.

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I started painting around last May, and I'm about to use up my fourth can of primer.

Real Talk Time.

I'm fucking tired of @existentialenso (Thorne) over on Twitter. I've watched that fraudster make my partner cry multiple times because Thorne can't envision a world where they are just wrong. She's an abusive cunt, who got mad she couldn't be a part of the ranch and now is prepping to launch alpaca pedo jpegs in our name.

Just people everywhere who seem like they go out of their way to adopt the least reasoned, least thought out, most obviously bullshit positions and then they fucking expect me to treat them like people?

The fucking nerve.

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I think I'm just gonna get hyper aggressive on Twitter. I'm tired of people who can't tell fact from fiction, and have zero credulity.

Anyone tried Final Girl? It's looks fun.

Obviously that's ten in the pictures these are airbrushed up and ready for details and touch ups.

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it's not just your oomfies who can get upset over posting untagged spoilers! there's one group that goes out of its way to get offended over spoilers that AREN'T tagged with AES256:

the state

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hey kids, you all use Rot13 to share spoilers on Twitter, so let me introduce you to this hot new way of hiding spoilers: it's called AES256

I am finding that I use Twitter more and more to just be an angry old crank.

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