Dragons that hoard things other than gold boost if you agree

@Melisande I'd be willing to be part of a hoard of mousegirls. Or a hoard of dolls, though that might take a little extra work?

@Melisande omfg there's an artist called iguanamouth on tumblr who did an AWESOME array of Unusual Dragon Hoards and they're amazing

@Nine @Melisande i bought some of those! they're packed away right now but i usually have them hanging above the hoard that matches (i got the ones for books, yarn, and videogames)

@ebeth @Melisande oh HECK I didn't even know you could actually buy prints of them!! :O :O That's such a cool idea, hanging them above matching items too!

@Melisande Perianwyr's collection of music and night club come to mind.

Student debt, but so they can burninate it instead of the thatched-roofed cottages.

. @Melisande I horde cameras, Magic cards, RPGs, and comics.

@Melisande Speaking as a dragon, for us it's mementos, and also books. We also hoard useful items but that isn't a terribly good idea and we have to cull that hoard regularly.

@Melisande if I was a dragon I'd hoard girls (and love letters from them)


Yeah, I bet there are dragons that like silver, copper, tin, aluminium, platinum and lead!

And to fuck with "heros" they can only be hurt with an weapon whose blade is made of mercury or gallium

@Melisande hoards of Gamecube Lunchboxes, maybe ?

(rando comin' through don't mind me)

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