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Hi! I'm Loki, your friendly neighborhood Desert Trash Opossum.
Biromantic, demisexual transgender demi guy.
Self Dx Autistic.
He/him or They/them pronouns
I stream on Twitch:

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I've started looking at surgeons for metoidioplasty, because I've been thinking about it a lot & really want to move forward with this last bit of my transition. I don't expect to get the money by the end of this year, but maybe next year?

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I'm that person in your timeline who 💜's everything you say, but doesn't talk to you because they're too shy & you're so cute! 😭

Not a subtoot. Actual fact. All of y'all are cute.

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I'm here, I'm queer, I'm grumpy, I'm sleepy...

I got the official interview feedback from the recruitment agency. The hiring manager said, and I quote: "Loved him!" She just wants to think on some things and will get back to me on next steps.

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The hiring manager wants me to do a second interview, so I think this is going to work out :3

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I think the Disney interview went really well! The lady recognized my name from metadata I've done for them before lol The job sounds a lot like what I'm doing now, just way higher pay and fully remote. I hope this comes through!

Today is apparently Giving Tuesday, so if you're in the mood (and financial position) to help out a trans person in need, here's the gofundme for my bottom surgery!

"I don't care about my job, I'm quitting anyways." says the man anxious about taking sick days when they don't feel well.

Animal Crossing Island Twin Peaks is open for visitors. Dodo code 9JVR8.

I have an interview with Disney tomorrow. Fingers crossed I impress them

Just saw Dune and quite enjoyed it but wow do I wish movies would stop being over 2 hours long

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Found out my job impressed one of @Wokeupfuzzy's relatives so much she wasn't homophobic about us.

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Whoops. The Recruiter had the wrong rate. It's actually $45/hr which... is still close to double what I'm making now.

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Just got a call from a Disney recruiter for another metadata management position. Also $55/hr. I really hope one of these high paying jobs comes through.

Me: Man I can't focus for shit today....
My meds: It feels like you're ignoring us...

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I know I'm bored when I keep opening my email to see if there's anything in it.

Ordered a 1/2 sack of cookies and got a flight of tiny cakes masquerading as cookies

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