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I just switched my language to Norwegian and the "Toot!" button now says "Tut!" and it delights me for some reason.

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In solidarity with Scholar Social, I'll be adopting a similar policy.

Notice: not observing April fools' day

This means that there will be not be any practical jokes coming on the part of the admin

I don't want my users to have to second-guess this account

It also means that expectations for:

* Maintaining a safe space,
* Descriptive and accurate content warnings,
* Respect for other users
* All other Community Standards

... will be enforced on April 1 just like any other day

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A friend of mine just did a burlesque show as a sloth and it's delightful

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I may have just been given the opportunity to organize a SU karaoke night but I don't know how to go about getting SU karaoke songs.

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I have an idea: Y'know how everyone wants Disney Karaoke? How about Steven Universe Karaoke?

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"Fines mean legal for rich people" radicalized me

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