Outer Wilds (reactions to ending, but no spoilers) 

death, family, estrangement, grief 

Isaac is still weary of Marina. He keeps following her around screaming at the top of his lungs after she snuck into his room and ate all his food.

  _ ∧__∧______
/ =(oωo )= / \
/|  ̄∪ ̄∪ ̄ ̄|\/
|______________ |/

After a month, Isaac is finally getting over his fear of the spotted blanket

family(-), rightwing bs 

sleep(-), weather(-) 

I miss having him snuggle up to me at night... I hope this isn’t a permanent aversion

Isaac has become afraid of the blankets after a surprise run in with a pair of pj pants. Sadly this means he no longer jumps on the bed and does the adorable pose anymore. Trying to encourage him not to be afraid by putting treats on the blankets.

health(+), exercise 

nightmare(~), 90s horror games 

Godzilla review 




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