A good picture of our matching rings. <3 @Nix is the rainbow, I the red, and Kysh the purple. So glad to have my wonderful spouses.

@GreenieXIII @Nix those are awesome! what were they made out of?

@mell @Nix Black tungsten and I think resin? Not sure on the inlays. The Etsy shop only said black tungsten.

@GreenieXIII excuse the question, but are the colors meaningful to each person?

@violetSpark I don't mind the question at all. It's mostly favorite colors. Kysh loves purple, Nix is always wearing holographic rainbows, and while red isn't my favorite color, I wear a lot of black+red so it was perfect. ^_^

@GreenieXIII Thanks for the response! The rings look amazing!

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