ooo it's been a while since ive posted on here!!!

im going on t soon and actually feel p decent about it and myself right now

had to cancel my PP appointment because their online scheduling thing wasn't working sooooooo

back. to. waiting. forever.

made a new PP appointment for this reoccurring issue and this time I won't cancel it because I'm not taking anything OTC until I figure this shit out

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commentary on lewds 

Everyone on here who is showing their butt or their boobs or their tummy or their legs is

1) cute
2) braver than the troops, to me
3) inspirational

shameful horny adj, anime 

I'm mad I'm still just hornt for Kira Yoshikage. why am i so predictable :yell:

my plan is to slowly replace my panties with boxers (or boxer briefs tbh) and cut down on how much underwear I have in general

it's hard for me to find decent "girl" stuff in my size, but it's p simple to buy a pair of boxer briefs that have a cute pattern.

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lewd, writing 

it probably doesn't help I'm writing two separate oral sex scenes with two of my friends who I bone anyway

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my new bit is "enby time" and the secret to its success is that it's always "enby time"

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rom corruption kink 

lift my cartridge out a little higher

higher still

oh yeah, that's the ╣█ ▩$▛ qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

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oh my GOD everyone in my family keeps referring to going on cruises as “cruising”

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wanting to be nonbinary is a symptom of being nonbinary

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gay trashpost, sex mention 

i really love the relationship dynamic between a "i know she's literally fingering me right now but is she into me?" lesbian and a "we made eye contact so we're dating now" lesbian

anyway how ya'll feel about long tongues
relatable, right

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it took like a day to get from sweden to the us so like......

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