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Hey Hey Hey!

This artist @Feverdreamless is super awesome and does a LOT of art for Beach City and our mascots! Just wait till you see what they've got in store for later this year!

Go commision them!


Commission info 

Im open to receiving commissions at any time and I'm best reached through telegram @Feverdreamless

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fursona listings, plurality 

I have 3 OCs.

First, is Pandora Parrot, the diesel punk pilot! She's a super rad, dynamic, capable, adventuring, bad ass aviator. (Art by Raijin)

Second is Aster, the bat. They are an alter of mine. The non-speaking, highly emotional part of me that the speaking part has trouble connecting with. (Art by reaux)

And then there's Binca the adventure mouse. And that's... entirely a kink thing... (Art by @pexl)

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fifty shades of grey 

me: omg christians gonna take her to THE ROOM

@Feverdreamless: omg the room is my favorite movie

me: thats his kink. making women watch the room

This is my baby soba uwu
They might end up being a secondary fursona :0

This baby is an ota so offer money, art, or characters if interested :3c

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"he got a fax machine and he and tony hawk would just put their butt on the fax machines and send butt faxes back and forth"

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looks like you got a hypno paw pic in your DMs

(super glowy commission for lorddragon36 on FA)

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Custom character deaign i recently did for a friend on furry amino :))

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food, alc, weird 

Taco Bell is not meant to be consumed with scotch

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Really wanna make out

Im good at it and have a big tongue that’s perfect for it

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@Bruzer oh, god, heavens no

I have people to do that for me

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Beach City

Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.