Also this is my husband Lord Butterbeans and my daughter Lasagna Strip.

bc that is what happens if you ask my friends what to name things.

Also interesting in that my choices have largely been left-leaning, supporting marginalised people and opening borders to refugees.

Kinda like what we're seeing now, where the fascists get Big Mad about uplifting and helping others.

Playing a game called Headliner, in which I control the ebb and flow of societal tensions by deciding which news articles to publish and which to deny.

So far we've had protests, a fire bombing and fascists in the streets due to my choices.

Very interesting look at media bias.

I think making FB, Google, Amazon, etc a public utility, owned by the people, for the people, is the best answer.

Ending private/shareholder ownership of these sites and platforms and making them accountable to their userbase is, imo, the ideal.

But I am deeply socialist.

We have to acknowledge that these things *do* have uses, and are deeply engrained in our daily lives.

That doesn't mean we have to accept that they're inevitably corrupt and be complacent with it though.

We can fight to change them, and we can do it from the inside.

That's not to say that we can't fight to change these platforms and services.

Absolutely we should!

But we also need to recognize that just cutting them out entirely is a non-starter for most of the folks who use them.

It's that "no ethical consumption" thing again.

as if this hellsite is better than that hellsite

Anything owned by a corporation is shitty somehow; there is no cancelling them when they're so thoroughly engrained.

Twitter, FB, Amazon, Google, PayPal? All suck.

All vital to many. We don't have to like it to know it's true.

Delete FB is trending as if there's an alt that is as widespread and useable for the same things

A lot of nonprofits and artists rely on FB for advertising, updates, fundraising, etc

Many don't have the option to migrate

also y'all are making this demand ON FUCKING TWITTER

If folks want to switch to using dead angle, that's dope.

But I'm like... vision-impaired, I guess, I require pretty extensive correction to be able to have decent visual acuity, and at this point I will never have 20/20 vision

and I'm also okay with using blind spot.

The term blind spot refers to literally how the human eye works. Every single person has blind spots bc of how our eyes are structured. It's been known since the 1600s.

Blind spot/scotoma = obscuration of the visual field. That's where the term derives from wrt driving.

throwback to a classic Thanksgiving lol courtesy of FB memories

(for context, my dad has 9 siblings)

Which, don't get me wrong, is a dope resource to compile, bc folks should, if they have the time and money, probably read these books.

But like... assigning a reading list that folks can't necessarily utilize? Idk, doesn't super work for like, grassroots activism.

Not even articles,l or essays or websites compiling those, which I'd be okay with, but like

actual wholeass books

just go out and buy several books and sit down and read them in full

No mention of reading level, price or page number in the thread. Nope.

Just here, read this

Things I Dislike: when leftists do a thread about Educating Yourself On Important Topics but the thread is just a series of links to books they want you to purchase and read

bc we all have unlimited money and time for that I guess??

Has a single human being ever actually given a shit abt reporting the problem to Microsoft when something quits working?

Like no bitch, my shit just froze, so close it, I want to move on

I feel like I don't mention often enough that I really love @coda_robo and want to kiss them all the time 🧑

the mr lumpy account is constantly tearing at my morals

on the one hand: badgers! I love badgers! they're badgers like me even!

but on the other hand: feeding wildlife, which is a terrible idea that I frequently fight against

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