Enjoy the cool creatures we share the world with, they're amazing just like we are

Happy MLK day!He was a tremendous man, who did so much and deserved so much more. We have to remember that no person can be truly free until every person is free.

β€œIt is not possible to be in favor of justice for some people and not be in favor of justice for all people."

Do cisgneder people not understand that like

time is also a social construct? outside the solar and lunar cycles, we are observing arbitrary delineations of time.

Nature doesn't know what a month is, we made that shit up.

It still affects our day to day lives.

Would love to start one of the 474588 projects I have in my head but getting started is impossible and not getting discouraged is also impossible

so I just never do anything lol

State of executive function paralysis

I take the meds, I do the therapy, I do everything I am supposed to do.

But the lack of any change in the material conditions of my life, the lack of any progress to change things to help people?

Makes me wonder why I bother trying to be any sort of functioning person at all.

Upset for Autistic Reasons and it's pointless to be, bc I can't changed that my entire evening and all day tomorrow got fucked up by someone else

Apparently I'm just terrible at wordle, which is fine bc im having fun and that's why im here

Does Jake Owens know that every night can be a barefoot blue jean night?

It's not exclusive to Southern, summer

Rescued the recycling bin from the meeting room but now my whole breakfast area smells like beer bc of the cans in it.

But the bag isn't full, so I am reluctant to replace it.

Transness is not and has never been advocated by the transgender community as a "solution" to homosexuality.

Most of us understand that sexual orientation and gender identity are separate things.

I have a ton of stuff to do and 3.5 hours to do it in

I love backloading my shift bc now I can be all the rock about it

it's abt drive it's abt power

I have a guest trying to tell me her dog hasn't been in the breakfast area at all.

I asked her where the muddy pawprints on the floor came from, bc we have only the one dog and no werewolves in house as far as I know

Spouse? No.
Partner? No.
Roommate? No.
Bestie? No.

Domestic companion? Yes.

my hockey team not being a frequent source of embarrassment at the moment is kinda nice after the past decade of "please don't- aaaaand they've done it again"

I love the absolutely massive and amazing variety that human beings come in. Like, we're such a neat species.

what i'm saying is that no adult is the same person they were at birth

"you were born with"

...I was actually born with a flat chest, so if anything, I've just reverted my body back to it's birth shape

but larger

bc I was also born with a weight of like 6.5lbs and a height of 1.5 feet

i joke but literally am still mourning my spider plant, Jasper, who did not make it through the winter ;-;

I tried but idk if it was too hot or too cold :c

I will adopt some baby spiders from my mum, in spring

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