Something down the hall keeps creaking ominously and bc I am white, I'm going to investigate.

If I never tweet again, you know I met my end. Probably hilariously.

Why is there a zoomer collective having a meetup in my front parking lot?

And why is there always one kid on a bike??

My first shift back has been surprisingly good AND my work is FINALLY granting my greatest wish!, not benefits, that is my other greatest wish.


I thought it was like 4am so I started the washing machine but it's actually quarter to six.

I work at 3 so it doesn't matter that much it's just... much later than I thought

β€œWe already have pharmacare support here, we would expect an equivalent cash transfer,” [Jason Kenney] said

BITCH WHERE?? MY MEDS COST OVER A HUNDRED BUCKS A MONTH OUT OF POCKET. A friend right now is waiting to see if Blue Cross (private insurance) will cover one of their meds

My wife is trying to tell me abt her laser consultation and treatment and it's taken like 17 minutes to get to the first treatment bc we are two people with ADHD and you can imagine how many tangents

I'm not saying it was cool to shoot folks bc like... don't shoot people is kinda a vibe I think i generally emit?

It's just interesting that they led with that and didn't headline anything about why the protests are being stirred up again.

They're equally important, imo.

I promise you my twitter is exclusively divided between incredibly important stuff and completely ridiculous things.

and Present Mic

it just makes me so heartsick. like what the fuck did they expect? a bunch of people breaking in, it was set up to go badly from the start, and this is why no knock warrants can eff off.

Unless it is a legitimate necessary *raid*, WHICH IT WASN'T, announce your purpose.

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this could all have been prevented if they had just knocked on the door like regular human beings.

the people asleep at home do not know WHO is breaking into their home. they will, as most of us, act in defence when people burst in, unannounced and unwelcomed, in the night.

So this just tells me her murderers are probably gonna walk bc that's the only way I can see needing this ahead of time. The only reason folks would protest is...obvious

"State of emergency declared for LMPD ahead of expected Breonna Taylor announcement"

so I've been playing my BNHA sims in an AU as a test and it was fine until Presimt Mic decided to get hopped up on molly and take a dip in the koi pond.

Yeah he drowned and I lost 5 hours of progress so now I have a mod that autosaves.

Demanding folks leave these institutions isn't enough, we need to change the systems they represent.

Which I think is what ACAB does boil down to, in the end?

Idk. I'm kinda just thinking out loud abt this topic. I've thought about it a lot this year. Obviously.

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I can see all sides of the ACAB discussion (and primarily fall to the side that acab bc they uphold an unjust system).

But the individuals are also victims of that system. Being fired for speaking out, etc. And the system is broken. It needs to be fixed. Or razed, rebuilt better

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Also this doesn't mean I'm not against cops, but he makes the point of like... what is the purpose of these institutions?

Police are not doing what they're supposed to do. Much like the military was primarily meant for defence, the purpose has changed. Can we reform it? Idk.

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Basically I think Rico's point is that there's nuance in these discussions, and we need to keep that in mind.

Defunding police (and military) is largely about bringing in resources to minimize the harm caused. As he says, these things CAN be restructured.

This is a GOOD video.

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watching @rico_rants' video on ACAB and I agree, we need to make room for ex-police and ex-military on the left.

But we still need to critique the systems of oppression they both uphold. And like... fuck ICE, entirely.

I can muster sympathy for individuals but not those ones.

You ever spill the dregs of your cereal bowl?

I just called the girls in for cleanup so I didn't have to pull out the Bissell at midnight 🀣

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