Anywway, here's my BNHA OC

Name: Tsukiyo Hankyō
Quirk: Necromancy

A 5' 9" clumsy af perpetually exhausted aromantic pansexual enby who loves memes, cats, puns, fantasy novels, caffeine, and all things dead, dying and decayed.

His roommate is a 6'10" crocodilian dumbass

One of my favourite things about @Stitcher is how it sometimes decides you don't actually want to follow a particular podcast anymore and just unfollows randomly and without warning.

Tourists, y'all are supposed to be eating breakfast @ banquets, not going ham on my continental

looking at my sketches, you can absolutely tell that @plusVICE is my art mentor

pretty much everything i do starts in a very similar style to his.

it's kind of interesting to see that influence, even if it's not visible in the finished piece

Mental health, finances 

I guess I'm resorting to illegal streaming sites then πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

I just want to fucking watch Babylon 5 and work on this piece for my masto server

my computer is allowing for exactly none of that

Yay: furnace is fixed

Not yay: I had to wake up after 3 hours sleep to let the fixer man in

9C/48F and ofc my furnace decides it doesn't want to work

I'm getting a sweater and tea

inb4 someone yells at me

I know my dog better than you do.

She has never, aside from accidentally sitting on them, hurt or tried to hurt one of the cats.

She won't even chase after her toys if they land near a cat. The cats are more apt to take after her than the opposite.

πŸ˜‚ apparently the girls have decided to share the bone

or, Sophie is a big baby and refuses to assert herself with Solstice at all (as seen in exhibit B, when Solstice was much smaller)

I love it.

Folks were asking abt which gender identities and orientations were valid and Neil just showed up and went,"Yes."

They are all valid, they're all correct. There is literally not a wrong way to interpret the characters. Everyone's own interpretation is the right one.

Good Omens is an anti-proof fandom bc Neil Gaiman said all headcanons are valid so bye bitch, take your negative "you're shipping/headcanon-ing wrong" crap out of my good time πŸ‘‹

44 people are confirmed dead, thousands more have no power or running water, tens of thousands are homeless.

And folks want to spend their time shitting on shelter workers that risked their lives in chest deep floodwater to try to rescue the 250+ animals in their care.

pokemon fans are the fuckin worst lol

folks are all amd ant the national dex and I'm here saving for a switch solely bc BADGER POKEMON

also bc I have like

a weird complex about being misgendered after my death. it's something that legitimately scares me πŸ˜“

I want to be cremated but the *idea* that i could just have my identity retconned/removed based on my bone structure?

terrifying for some reason

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